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The Invisible Bisexual

Sex Nerd Sandra
...Dave and Sandra talk orientation. Sandra talks with Regina Reinhardt, Ph.D of The American Institute of Bisexuality about what it means to like everybody. Topics include: The importance of bisexual research, swinger...
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DJ Nice Rack has a tattoo on her arm that advertises the fact she's bisexual. But it hasn't turned out to convey the message she was anticipating. Being openly bisexual,...
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It’s Bisexual Awareness Month and Tristan Taormino is celebrating by welcoming columnist Zachary Zane to the show!...
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...investigates the difference between various terms that we might have misused in past episodes: Pansexual, Bisexual, and Sexually Fluid. We're here to grow just like everyone else!      Links:  ...
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"I was 25" ft. Gaby Dunn

ladytoladycomedy@gmail.com (Barbara Gray, Brandie Posey, Tess Barker)
Flux : Lady to Lady
Gaby Dunn (@gabydunn) joins the ladies to discuss James Deen, Las Vegas, Jeff Goldblum, triplets, bisexuality, being gay and more!
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Jessica Halem on Diversity and Inclusion in Sexual Health

hostservices@voiceamerica.com (VoiceAmerica)
Jessica Halem leads inclusion efforts for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students, staff, faculty, and trainees throughout Harvard Medical School and its hospitals.
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Flux : Popcast
The Rita Ora track was positioned as a celebration of bisexuality, but struck a sour note with critics who found its lyrics problematic. 
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Flux : Sean Vs. Wild
...eating an 11 lb. pizza! Also in the show, we check out their latest single "Bisexual". Get ready and get rowdy, it's the latest episode of the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast! ...
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Cecilia Tan on BDSM, Rock Stars, and Fame

hostservices@voiceamerica.com (VoiceAmerica)
Award-winning author Cecilia Tan joins Tristan live to talk about erotica, sensuality, BDSM, bisexuality, activism, and her latest book, Slow Satisfaction, the third novel in the Struck By Lightning...
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http://www.homoground.com/episode182 Spotlighting queer (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning) and allied musicians and bands. Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/homoground.   See acast.com/privacy for...
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Flux : 99% Invisible
...called the Stonewall Inn. Gay bars had been raided by police for decades. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people had been routinely arrested and subjected to harassment and beatings by the...
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Swinging Sexy

Sex Nerd Sandra
...Women Running the Show, Taking One For the Team, Reciprocity, Resentment, Common Pitfalls, Safe Sex, Nudists, Bisexuality, Hotel Takeovers, the Chocolate Room and where Stephen Hawking brings his posse.
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Gaby Dunn

Alexi Wasser
Flux : Love, Alexi
...blogger, YouTuber, activist, podcaster, & comedian. Gaby and Alexi talk coming out, open relationships, communication, bisexuality, instagram jealousy, dating, power struggles in relationships, polyamory, break ups, work stress, collaborating with Allison...
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Live from Cancun: Swingset Takes Desire Part 2

Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino
...all bodies in sex spaces, creating community that intentionally welcomes everyone, navigating rejection, and what bisexual men's paradise looks like. Topics include: polyamory, swinging, sexual fantasy, body acceptance, self-love. (This is...
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