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273 - Mr. Blackwell

Pod of Thunder
Pod of Thunder - 273 - Mr. Blackwell: Chris, Nick, and Andy break down "Mr. Blackwell" from 1981's Music from "The Elder". Tags: kiss,...
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John Blackwell - A Tribute

Peach And Black Podcast
After learning of the sad, untimely passing of the great John Blackwell, here is our tribute to the man, Rest In Peace John..
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...person with a childhood dream of pursuing a career that wasn't available to them. Dr. Blackwell had no interest in medicine as a child. But she paved the way for women...
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Today we revisit a 2014 episode. Dr. Blackwell had no interest in medicine as a child. But she paved the way for women...
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...one ever jam packed! Get comfortable as Damian goes deep with record collector icon Ben Blackwell. In addition to collecting records Ben also plays drums in the Dirtbombs and helps run...
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Flux : Nerdette
...the definitive text on why comics deserve more respect. We get the backstory of Elizabeth Blackwell, America's first female doctor. Plus a special nerd confession collected at the ALA's conference.
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When we first sat down with Harolyn Blackwell and Robyn Payne, we intended to record enough for one special podcast episode, in celebration...
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...History Month, this episode is Part 1 of a special conversation between operatic legend Harolyn Blackwell and Broadway veteran Robyn Payne! Harolyn is one of America’s legendary sopranos, having made her...
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Ben Blackwell is a chief at Third Man Records, Cass Records, Official Archivist of The White Stripes,...
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...yes, U2. Listening to clips from John Tobler's 1989 audio interview with Island founder Chris Blackwell, RBP's power trio reflect on what made the label such a powerhouse for non-mainstream genres...
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...Red Hot Mamas" Julia Lee and Her Boyfriends - "Ugly Papa" Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell - "Barrelhouse Woman No. 2" Milt Herth Trio - "The Dipsy Doodle" Wilmoth Houdini -...
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...bring in some big guns he had the opportunity to work with; David Bowie, Chris Blackwell, Simon Cowell, U2 and others.
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...to a once-thriving musical community, we’ll hear from some of the legends — like Scrapper Blackwell and "Guitar" Pete Franklin — as well as some of the forgotten heroes of the...
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