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...featuring music from Join The Din, Hackney Colliery Band, MusikarbeiterInnenkapelle, La Fanfare Invisible, Pink Puffers Brass Band, Titubanda, Ottoni a Scoppio, FiAti SpReCaTI, Les Canards des Cropettes, StreetNoise-Orchestra, Masala Brass Kollektiv,...
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This week we dive into the history and music of New Orleans' iconic Rebirth Brass Band, playing selections of their songs across their nearly 40 years of recordings.
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This episode features the story and music of the Hypnotic Brass Band as well as songs from the What Cheer? Brigade and Goran Bregovic.
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This episode features the Panorama Brass Band, as well as songs from Goran Bregovic and Brand New Orleans County Brass Band.
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In the first episode of the Street Brass Podcast, host Phil Andrews reviews Raya Brass Band's 2015 release RAYA.
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This week we dig into Masala Brass Kollektiv, the organizers of the Skappa'nabanda festival in Graz, Austria. We also play songs from...
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...fighting for racial justice in response to the murder of George Floyd and ask radical brass bands to recommend organizations for the listeners to support and donate to. With Brass Messengers,...
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This week we cover the Canadian brass band scene including HONK ON, Big Smoke Brass Band, Sax Drive, The Van Hornies, Square...
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...a deep dive into the history of one of the most influential modern New Orleans brass bands, the mighty Dirty Dozen Brass Band.
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Brass neck

BBC Radio
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This week we cover the Bay Area radical marching band Brass Liberation Orchestra and play new music from Environmental Encroachment, Curious Rendition Orchestra and The Con...
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Episode 5 features an interview with accordionist Max Fass of Raya Brass Band and songs from all three albums from the band.
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brass vs wood

Ken LeVan
sound test of brass vs wood tonerings in identical banjos
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The Brass Roots

Voice of the Arts
A preview of the new cd with the Brass Roots and Edward Allen Moore at East Liberty Church. Their East Liberty Christmas Concert has...
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