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Byron Janis

Voice of the Arts
Byron Janis is in Pittsburgh to celebrate his 88th birthday. He stopped by WQED-FM to talk...
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Byron Katie

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
Byron Katie (author! speaker! The Work!) makes it weird!
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Professor Tanya Byron, clinical psychologist and TV presenter, is interviewed by Kirsty Young for Desert Island Discs. Tanya...
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Employing fantastical storytelling with the goal of activating the audience's imagination, featuring Byron (erhu, voice), Tari Nelson-Zagar (violin), Tiffany Lin (piano, toy piano), and Paul Kikuchi (percussion).
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Whether the topic is Lucrezia Borgia or Frankenstein, Lord Byron keeps popping up in podcasts. Who was this poet, and why is he associated with...
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One thing Byron Bowers knows for sure is that comedy taught him who he is. He needed it...
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How did Byron Allen go from teenage stand-up to highly successful media mogul and entrepreneur? Byron thinks it...
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The Music Director of the Pittsburgh Symphony Pops Byron Stripling talks with Jim Cunningham about his inspiration from Louis Armstrong's Nobody Knows the Trouble...
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14241 Byron Janis On Tour Live

Classical Music Discoveries
Byron Janis Live: On Tour” (Janis Eleven Enterprises), a collection of previously unissued live performances of...
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Byron Howard & Rich Moore: Zootopia

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Elvis Mitchell)
Flux : The Treatment
Directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore join Elvis Mitchell to discuss the politically relevant animated film Zootopia.
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The Byron Bay Guitar Festival, located on the beautiful north coast of New South Wales, Australia, features...
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Byron Janis Live: On Tour”, a collection of previously unissued live performances of pieces by Chopin,...
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313. Kari Byron, author of Crash Test Girl

David Barr Kirtley and John Joseph Adams
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...co-wrote the story Lydia Laynes Better Half), Rob Schrab (wrote the story Bad Wolf Down), Byron Willinger & Philip De Blasi (adapted the Stephen King story Gray Matter), and Brian Witten...
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