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Flux : Encore!
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Flux : Laser Time
...to predominately Black casts and crews. Blaxplotation movie have a complicated history, but for those cinephiles out there who enjoy uncompromisingly violent,... Read more
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Flux : Laser Time
...actually being made. Such is the case with today’s Laser Time topic, so buckle in cinephiles! It’s time to... Read more
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Maltin on Movies
...YouTube and in the Twitterverse reminding folks that “No Movie is Without Sin.” They’re devoted cinephiles and some of he nicest guys around. Leonard and Jessie got to hang out with them...
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Flux : Sneaky Dragon
Hello, fellow cinephiles! This week Ian and David return to a familiar well and take a look at...
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...have regional dynamics. We examine the careful exit that is possible. To evade censors China’s cinephiles often turn to pirated versions of foreign films, but the volunteers who subtitle them are...
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Flux : Pop Rocket
...History of Black Horror. The panel cover A LOT of ground. For horror buffs and cinephiles alike, this episode is a MUST-LISTEN. All Abouts Margaret Wappler - The Bodyguard on Netflix Karen Tongson...
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We Discuss The Dirt

Rock Under Fire
...Rock Under Fire podcast. Topics include The Dirt, the new Motley Crue biopic, the artsy-fartsy cinephile history of Marisa and Mike, and Marisa's censored encounter with Donald Fagan of Steely Dan....
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