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Episode two of our three part dance theme. We discuss Gaspar Noé's latest film Climax. Andy reviews The Perfection for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette.  Brought to you ad free by the Legion of...
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...return to action with their review of the Ota Ward double header of the G1 Climax that saw some great matches for the G1 Climax beginning on japanese soil after it...
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STRIGGA & Dylan round off their in depth coverage of New Japan's G1 Climax tournament with another show looking back at the final four shows from Yokohama and Sumo...
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It's all said, it's all done, Ibushi is on top again! The 30th G1 Climax is in the books and just like every year the Eastern Lariat looks back at...
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...be one. There can only be one winner and there can only be one G1 Climax Megashow! STRIGGA & Dylan got together to talk about the two Block Final shows and...
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...for you to catch up on in between the G1 Special and the official G1 Climax. Follow Sorairo Nekketsu Seinen on Twitter @DylanZeroSky and The Professor of Puroresu himself @STRIGGA ,...
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Join STRIGGA & Dylan Harris as they break down the 26th G1 Climax including all announced matches so far, opinions on the participants and predictions for the finals...
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...the corner New Japan Pro Wrestling finally announced the full line up of the G1 Climax 30 stat's starting on September 19 in Osaka. Like every year STRIGGA & Dylan got...
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...Harris checks in with a special solo effort covering the dog days of the G1 Climax, nights 6 & 7! Strigga's away on important Eastern Lariat business so he's talking to...
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Flux : 2 Méga-Bites
...jouer à Octopath Traveler. Olivier nous parle du meilleur moment de la lutte: Le G1 Climax de la NJPW On fait le profil d'une grande mascotte: Link
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...us out & support on Patreon for cool bonus shows and content including everyday G1 Climax 29 reaction shows: patreon.com/easternlariat & follow us @STRIGGA & @DylanZeroSky
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STRIGGA and Dylan discuss the G1 Climax, Super J-Cup & more!
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