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The Command Line for Web Developers

Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski - Full Stack JavaScript Web Developers
This episode is all about how to become comfortable and proficient with the command line . This one includes windows users too! Sponsor Need to learn Docker? Check out Nick...
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...talking to Toby Padilla, Co-Founder at Charm — where they build tools to make the command line glamorous. We talk about the state of the art, the next big thing happening on...
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Command Line Heroes: Meet the Inventors

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...don’t always get the credit they deserve, even for world-changing breakthroughs.   Season 6 of Command Line Heroes tells the stories of ingenious inventors who haven’t been given their full due. These...
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Introducing Season 5 of Command Line Heroes

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After four seasons of epic tales about how command line heroes have shaped the tech landscape, we're tackling a new topic: the job itself.   Season...
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Introducing Season 4 of Command Line Heroes

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No one ever said hardware was easy. In Season 4, Command Line Heroes is telling 7 special stories about people and teams who dared to change the...
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Introducing Season 3 of Command Line Heroes

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Command Line Heroes is back for Season 3. We’re exploring the epic history of programming languages and...
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Introducing Season 2 of Command Line Heroes

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In Season 2 of Command Line Heroes, we’re living on the command line, tracking the changes that shape the world of...
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...grow. Though it’s changed us forever, malware hasn’t stopped us from connecting.  Season 9 of Command Line Heroes is the culmination of the show. We focus on security and the people who,...
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...the real world, robots seem a long way off. But are they? Season 8 of Command Line Heroes is all about the rise of the robots. They just may not be what...
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...there were few people who realized how transformative the internet would become. Season 7 of Command Line Heroes looks back at those few who saw the internet’s early potential and forever shaped...
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All Together Now

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Invisible Intruders

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Ruthless Ransomers

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Menace in the Middle

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Dawn of the Botnets

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