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Connemara National Park

austin@irishradio.ca (Irish Radio Canada)
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...Road" by The Jeremiahs from The Femme Fatale of Maine 19:14 CELTIC PODCAST NEWS 21:39 "Connemara / Da Blue Yow / The Brolum" by Cady Finlayson from Irish Coffee 26:23 "Come...
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The Bee's Knees : Ireland's Love of Bees from the Celts to Connemara by James Morrissey
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John Beag O'Flatharta blends English ballads with the Connemara sean-nós and tints songs composed in the Irish language with a rich dollop of the...
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Fiachra O'Regan at Folk Alliance

austin@irishradio.ca (Irish Radio Canada)
Fiachra O‘Regan, from Connemara, on the West Coast of Ireland, plays Irish music on the Uilleann Pipes and Whistle
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Lesson 13. The Kerry Polka

Irish Guitar Podcast
...Tony says, but the Kerry polka.Tony refers to a nice recording of this by a Connemara accordion player, Sonaí Choilm Learaí (on CIC Records).This is a tune that fits very well...
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Lesson 23 - Crowley's 1

Irish Guitar Podcast
Two tunes that are often played together are Crowley’s 1 and 2.The legendary Connemara single row melodeon player Johnny Connolly plays these two on his first recording 'An t'Oileann...
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...- K.C.Barber - Cold Wind Blowing 10 - Lowlands of Holland - Keith Kendrick - Songs from the Derbyshire Coast 11 - The Scholar - Connemara - Beyond the Horizon 12 - The Ross Memorial Hospital - Tom McConville - Back to Scotswood 13 - Buain ná Rainich...
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Finding Abundance while Traveling in General (and in Ireland)

Food for Thought: How to Live Compassionately and Healthfully
...related to literature (Yeats and more), history (particularly in Dublin and Kilkenny), nature (hikes in Connemara), and animal protection (Donkey Sanctuary and Ballynahinch Castle).
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Auld Lang Syne #289

Marc Gunn, FIMM, Beth Patterson, Patrick O'Flaherty, The Here & Now, Naomi's Fancy, The Triskells
...Sisters, The Triskells, Kevin Tyler, Naomi's Fancy, Chuckawalla Rhythm Kings, Barleyjuice, The Elders, Heather Dale, Connemara Stone Company, Seamus Kennedy.  Listen. Like. Share. Then download 34 Celtic MP3s for Free! Then Subscribe...
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Celtic Italy #445

Marc Gunn, Don Grieve, Kyn, MaterDea, Connemara Stone Company, HEXPEROS, Doug Folkins
...Light, Poitin, Don Grieve, Francesca Romana Fabris, Mishaped Pearls, Seamus Kennedy, Oisin McAuley, Kyn, MaterDea, Connemara Stone Company, HEXPEROS, Doug Folkins I hope you enjoyed this week's show. If you did,...
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...Jackson - Proyecto Somos 12 Éamonn An Chnoic - Lasairfhíona - One Penny Portion 13 Connemara Ponies - Chris Murphy - The Tinker's Dream 14 Angel In The Ashes (With Janis...
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#216: Sleepy Maggie

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
...Sisters, Slan, Gerry O'Beirne & Rosie Shipley, Mason Brown, Cady Finlayson, Jasper Coal, Arthur Hinds, Connemara Stone Company, The Demon Barbers, Marc Gunn. Find out more at celticmusicpodcast.com/216 If you enjoy...
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Kiss Me, I'm Irish #27

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
...Mary Knickle, Poitin, The Elders, The Irish Balladeers, Tropical Harps, Tullamore Celtic Band, Cele De, Connemara Stone Company, Irish Stout, Craic Wisely, Quagmyre, Moonrakers, Gaelic Storm. http://celticmusicpodcast.com/ Subscribe to the Celtic...
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MHFS 240

Mike Harding
...Breakfast – John Balch With Jack Pearson – Hot Biscuit Jam 18 The Hills Of Connemara – Cu Chulainn Folk – The Essential Collection Of Irish Pub Anthems 19 New Delhi...
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