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Eliza Coupe

ID10T with Chris Hardwick
Eliza Coupe (Happy Endings, Benched, Scrubs) talks with Chris about growing up in New Hampshire, getting into...
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Eliza Coupe

Making It with Riki Lindhome
Riki talks with actress Eliza Coupe (Happy Endings, Scrubs) about overcoming bullying, meeting her idols and being a funny girl in...
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CAS 368 | Coup

MdC Suingue and Kika Serra
...jô castanheira | joão xavi | rappin’hood | eddie | zuco 103 IT'S CALLED A COUP D'ÉTAT The word "impeachment" to describe the 2016 ousting of Brazil's democratically-elected president Dilma Roussef...

Festival tout à coup

canalb@rennet.org (Canal B)
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Red Coup Deville | BEB 345

Black-Eyed N Blues
...Shoes Blues, Dale Bandy, If I Could Only Take It Back, Hadden Sayers, Blood Red Coupe Deville, Raw Terra, (Tryin’) To Get To You, Katie Knipp, Santa Cruz Blues, Anthony Gomes,...
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...episode 33 of The Australian Rock Show we chat with music journalist / author Stuart Coupe about his fascinating new book ‘Gudinski – The Godfather of Australian Rock n Roll’. Essential...
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The 1954 coup that overthrew the democratically elected president of Guatemala was orchestrated by the U.S. Central Intelligence...
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...will also bring you the story of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, the only successful Coup d'etat in American history. Lastly, you'll hear about the rise of country music legend Randy...
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Flux : CarStuff
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244 – Wear Clean Draws by The Coup

The Listening Party Podcast
Flux : Titre inconnu
...Rod and Denise share one of their favorite tracks by punk-funk hip hop band The Coup. They also disagree on release schedules, Rod finally experiences Marilyn Manson live, Bill Maher is...
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EXP IndieCast #4: Sissy and the Coup

The Experience Points Podcast
...week, we take a look at Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure and The Cat and the Coup.  Both are free and quick to play, so we encourage you to take a few...
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#364 Turkey Shoot 2012 & The Coup Review

jimdero@jimdero.com (Sound Opinions)
...our annual Turkey Shoot. And later, they review the new record from Oakland-based agit-rappers The Coup.
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