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TDR ROCKS #162 w/ STIG of D-A-D

Totally Driven Entertainment
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Flux : Rock Solid
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D-ROCK and Jody Havenot discuss KISS.
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Our first cover featuring D-Rock on lead vocals! Check it out and enjoy, KISS ARMY!
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Jody Havenot and D-Rock discuss all things KISS...our first episode was really fun and a good listen...
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Join Jody Havenot, Andrew Kiss, and D-Rock as we take a fond look at the 1977 KISS classic, LOVE GUN!!!
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MERRY KISSMAS, KISS ARMY! Join Jody, Andrew, and D-Rock as we celebrate KISSMAS, and run down the KISS events of the year...
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...we talk The greatest and worst things KISS has ever done! We are joined by D-Rock from STRANGE WAYS and also have another SWEET SIXTEEN! Check it out!
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...ARMY! Episode 15 finds us looking back on our first year of STRANGE WAYS, KISSMAS,and D-ROCK's TIME MACHINE, as well as the usual rock and roll party! Enjoy KISS ARMY!
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...as much as we did recording it! As always, it features Clinton Harris on vocals, D-Rock on bass, and Jody Havenot on guitars and drums...Enjoy!
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...enjoy it as much as we did recording it..As always we have Clinton on vocals, D-Rock on bass, and Jody on guitars and drums...Enjoy KISS ARMY! please 'like' our facebook page,...
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