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Behind the Daleks

Eric Molinsky
...I first started watching the show, I was baffled by one particular villain -- The Daleks. I didn't understand why they were The Doctor's arch nemesis, or why they were such...
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645 - Comic Dalek

Sleep With Me
Flux : Sleep With Me
Good sleep is no joke, but sometimes all you can laugh at the silly Daleks and their attempts to eliminate comic books from our world. Rest easy, Rose and The...
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Geeklectic on Gallifrey: The Daleks

Doctor Who: The Coal Hill A/V Club
In this episode of GoG, we discuss the second serial in Doctor Who - The Daleks. We dive deep into the Thals, Daleks and companions and the the evolution of the...
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Ep 38 - Dalek's Master Plan Continued

Doctor Who: The Coal Hill A/V Club
In this GoG we talk about The Dalek's Master Plan, Katarina being a martyr and Sara Kingdom being like a black widow baby.
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Doctor Who: Podshock Video 3: Dalek Sighting... Created and Submitted by: Chris Lawrence
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Ep 10 - The Dalek Invasion of Earth Part 1

Doctor Who: The Coal Hill A/V Club
We discuss the first 3 episodes of The Dalek Invasion of Earth and we might...just maybe...go off on a tangent or 12. ;)
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Flux : Sleep With Me
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...was required) before opening the poll up in the Anomaly Facebook group. Genesis of the Dalekswon by a landslide, and now we know why. Show Notes » As usual, we talk...
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...re-watch something he's watched before - the 25th Anniversary Doctor Who story REMEMBRANCE OF THE DALEKS! Does this make him finally like Sylvester McCoy? Feedback for this show can be sent...
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In this podcast by Gerri and Eugenia you get a plethora of Daleks with The Voice of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs and the man inside Davros, Terry Molloy....
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...Capaldi first impressions06:30 - Deep Breath (KC and I disagree about something!)19:10 - Into the Dalek28:35 - Robot of Sherwood33:00 - General thoughts so far (including some general Moffat crit around...
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...Lecture Center building). Special guest will be book author John Peel (Doctor Who and the Daleks (with Terry Nation), The Chase, Mission to the Unknown, The Mutation of Time, The Gallifrey...
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This is not Dr Who fan fiction

Audio Drama for Pessimists
A short collection of tales with absolutely no connection to each other, reoccurring theme, or daleks.
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..."Doctor Who."  This discussion covers the first three episodes of Series 7: "Asylum of the Daleks," "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship," and "A Town Called Mercy."  Allons-y.
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Nick Briggs is the Executive Producer of Big Finish, the Voice of the Daleks, and most importantly... he's Sherlock Holmes in The Ordeals Of Sherlock Holmes! Babes Curly, Taylor,...
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