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Flux : Vinland Radio
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Flux : Rock Bottom
...THE CROSS - Breatheia Romain Berger - Bumpy Road Raider - Bound by No Fate Deadlights - Spiral of Vanity BALROGATH - Fall Tome Infidus - The Frame Vitamin String Quartet...
Medium abe58b7ce6f2589b4381c89b12a2b87f61390575
...(single) TUNS – We Stand United (Duly Noted) MATTHEW SWEET – Stars Explode (Cat’s Paw) DEADLIGHTS – Breaking Down (s/t) RINSE – Back Into Your Arms (single) MIDDLE KIDS - Some...
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EXP Podcast #188: Slightly Off

The Experience Points Podcast
...experience.  For example, Sam Machkovech wrote a recent article about how, as resident of Seattle, Deadlight's depiction of the Emerald City left him cold.  We use his discussion of fictitious billboards...
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Flux : Turned Up
Medium a245aa47159291a398638dad93ccca57e1a0ddfd
Flux : Turned Up
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Sneaky Dragon Episode 320

Ian Boothby and David Dedrick
Flux : Sneaky Dragon
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Flux : BadGeek
Medium e28d8d42482f6092fe46849931abe9e6f33fd0c0
...the throne ECLIPSE -Live Like I'm Dying BAD 4 GOOD -Nineteen DIABLO BLV -Follow The Deadlights THE SISTERS OF MERCY -Temple Of Love 92 ISSA -Red Lights LOADED -Lords Of Abbadon...
Medium e28d8d42482f6092fe46849931abe9e6f33fd0c0
...up... BLACK SABBATH -Neon Nights UNLIMITED ADDICTION -Keeper Of the Knowledge DIABLO BOULEVARD -Follow The Deadlights MAVERICK -Got it bad SCORPIONS -We Built This House REVOLUTION SAINTS -Turn Back Time QUEEN...
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What the Duck 27 – Décembre 2016

whattheduck94@gmail.com (What the Duck & consorts)
...où l’on évoque la gestion créative avec Planet Coaster, où l’on frise le rétro avec Deadlight, et où l’on revient sur une série qui s’égare avec Dead Rising 4. Un quizz...
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Flux : Geeksleague
Sommaire : La rubrique de l’invité : Le café numérique d’Arlon (5′) Holiday Express et DeadLight (19′) La rubrique de l’objet qui sert à rien : les dispositifs anti-fouine (30′) Plaid...
Medium e05d99aedbc10dd7cff085cbbb5ef45ea4d921b5
...« The White Witch », Laybare Recordings (NEW!) LETHVM, The Last Grave, alb « This Fall Shall Cease », Deadlight Entertainment/Dunk Records (2017) SASQUATCH, Drown All The Evidence, alb « Maneuvers », (Mad Oak Records) 2017 >...
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