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TMS#13 Insolvent (Death Metal) HTX

Texas Metal Show Podcast
In this episode we talk to Houston death metal ers Insolvent. We discuss their lead singers Brazilian roots, the influence Death brought to the...
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...purchases Tommy Lee drops new music Motley & Def Leppard not offering refunds The Minneapolis Death Metal Ice Cream Truck And remember! Our favorite bands and local record stores need us. As...
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Death Metal Band Names from May 13, 2016

Frangry and Michele and WFMU
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Jesse Hughes & Jorma Vik of Eagles of Death Metal join Kevin & Steve. They talk about scoring Super Troopers 2. They also cover motorcycles,...
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On this week’s Stack podcast we’ve got reviews for: Dark Nights Death Metal #1, Wynd #1, A Man Among Ye #1, Jane Foster: Valkyrie #10, Strange Adventures #2,...
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#031 - Gorthaur's Wrath | Xtreme Death metal from Croatia (ENG)

info@whatsyourstory.be (David Van den Broeck)
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Flux : Nerdette
...Is The New Black, isn’t just an actress. She’s also in a band ... a death metal band. Nerdette’s Tricia Bobeda sat down with Pimentel to talk about what it’s like to...
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The quintessential sideman, Walter was most recently the lead guitar player for Eagles of Death Metal . He’s also played with Survivor, and has been the music director and/or multi-instrumentalist for...
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On this week’s Stack podcast, check out reviews for: Seven Secrets #1, Dark Nights Death Metal #3, Something is Killing the Children #9, Empyre #5, The Flash #759, Adventureman #3, Marauders...
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