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The Inappropriate Denmark Children's Cartoon See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Copenhagen based singer-musician Mette Kirkegaard is a great example of Denmark Americana music. Actually, she and her producer for her 2006 EP, Dry Wood, coined the...
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An easy cauliflower recipe by one of Denmark’s best-known chefs.
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Flux : Planet Money
Denmark is a big exporter of human sperm. And mad cow disease may have helped. |...
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Music by composers from the three official Scandinavian countries -- Norway, Denmark and Sweden -- and a couple of unofficial ones -- Finland and Iceland!
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A Portrait of Horace Parlan

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Flux : UnFictional
Denmark was once home to many expatriate American Jazz musicians. These days, Horace Parlan is one...
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Oscar Dietz

The Mutant Season
Actor Oscar Dietz hangs out with Gil to talk about being from Denmark, how he got into acting and getting the role of Antboy!
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Here's this week's batch of new heavy metal, representing the US, Japan, Lebanon, Britain, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Australia, Serbia, Scotland, Czechia, China, and Canada.
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Can China stop the US from selling weapons to Taiwan? Also in the programme: Denmark’s election results, Huawei’s Russia deal and Donald Trump’s take on Ireland’s “border situation”.
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Episode 142 - Norden

A Fistful of Faceful
Today we listen to bands from Denmark and Finland. I hope you enjoy it!
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...eye on, an ancient white grape enjoying a sudden renaissance and how a team in Denmark is creating food culture of the future.
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Skye McAlpine’s tips for perfect (and less stressful) dinner parties, a look at Denmark’s growing wine business, plus a peek into the fridges of some of the world’s most...
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...Santa is coming early with grimy gifts from Norway, Poland, Ukraine, US, UK, Germany, Belarus, Denmark, Australia, Finland, and Northern Ireland.
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In this episode, we listen to metal bands from Denmark, Sweden, and France. I hope you enjoy them!
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...military drills in the Taiwan Strait, a closer look at Austria’s imperial past and why Denmark wants ‘hygge’ recognised by the UN.
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