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Die Hard

In this Christmas Episode of The GR80’s Khrysti, Dave, Julie and John resist 1988’s “ Die Hard ”.
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...time to talk about an influential Hollywood classic. So that's why we are talking about Die Hard . We will never get tired of Hans Gruber versus John McClane — Alan Rickman...
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Old Habits Die Hard

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Episode 10: Die Hard

Christmas Creeps
...That's right, we're watching Hudson Hawk, but for some reason the conversation immediately reverted back to  Die Hard . Go figure. Questions/Comments?Email us at XmasCreeps@gmail.comTweet us @Xmas_Creeps Intro: Happy Christmas, You Guys! (Simon Panrucker) / CC...
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Flux : Retro Ramble
...George head to Nakatomi Plaza to discuss controversial Christmas film and all around action classic Die Hard .   The boys discuss the film's literary roots, the key contributions from Predator (insert...
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Episode 31: Die Hard 2

Christmas Creeps
This week we're celebrating Johnny-5's birthday with another trip through a Die Hard movie! Only problem is it's Die Hard 2, and if you've seen Die Hard 2, you know...
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77 – Die Hard With a Lobster

Jay Edidin & Miles Stokes
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Pod of Thunder - 327 - Def Leppard - Die Hard the Hunter: Fresh off of a trip to see the Def Leppard Las Vegas Residency,...
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...This year, we're dipping back into one of our favorite series with Live Free or Die Hard ! It's a Die Hard! It's a 4th of July movie! It's got everything! Okay,...
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...Christmas! Uh oh, is this going to make the internet angry? Joe and Kristen watch Die Hard from beginning to end for the first time, and get psyched about the romance of...
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It's a question as old as time. Or as old as 1988. Is Die Hard , that Bruce Willis action classic, a Christmas movie, or just a movie that happens...
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