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#20-10: The Dulcimer

Sing Out! Radio Magazine
Dulcimer players Claudia Schmidt and Brad & Ken Kolodner have new recordings which is a great...
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#17-42: Dulcimer Masters

Sing Out! Radio Magazine
This week we examine the dulcimer. The word dulcimer is derived from the Latin with the word dulce meaning sweet and...
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...mountain music and many fans will hear the sweet sounds of the Appalachian or lap dulcimer, which was developed in the Southern Highlands. Fans love it since one lesson can let...
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Pete Rushefsky

Radiant Others: A Klezmer Music Podcast
...Pete Rushefsky. As one of the few people really dedicated to the tsimbl (Jewish hammered dulcimer), Pete Rushefsky has played with almost everyone in the American and European klezmer scene, including...
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Best Travel Tips with Vince Conaway #212

Marc Gunn, Vince Conaway, Travel Tips
...find your heart pumping with an interview I did with Vince Conaway. He plays hammered dulcimer, is an incredible busker, and every year, he goes to exotic locations in abroad to...
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Jig to a Milestone - Celtic Music Spotlight

Marc Gunn, Jig to a Milestone
...will make you believe you’re kissing the Blarney Stone! Victoria Van Arnam plays the Hammered Dulcimer, she’s the cornerstone of their signature sound. Her tiny wooden hammers dance over the strings...
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...up in California's San Joaquin Valley, the influence of the Whole Earth Catalog, the perils of dulcimer building, the serendipitous path that led him to guitarmaking, and even the books Richard is...
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...Two Pictures 04 Bill Charlton’s Hornpipe - Sue Harris - Pastorela, Music Of The Hammered Dulcimer 05 Hobo’s Lullaby - Anais Mitchell - The Brightness 06 The Loss Of Bob Mahoney...
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16090 North: Spartacus (soundtrack)

Classical Music Discoveries
...effect. These instruments included a sarrusophone, Israeli recorder, Chinese oboe, lute, mandolin, Yugoslav flute, kythara, dulcimer, and bagpipes. North's prize instrument was the ondioline, similar to an earlier version of the...
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MHFS 239

Mike Harding
...Fourwinds – Fourwinds 04 The Pig Ankle Rag – Critton Hollow String Band – The Dulcimer Collection 05 Maps – Martin Simpson – Trails & Tribulations 06 View Of A Pig...
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...Hornbostel w/ Jeff Furman / “Dubuque-Single Footin' Horse-Spotted Pony” / American Fiddle Tunes for Mountain Dulcimer / Alarka Kate Long / “Who'll Watch the Homeplace” / Pieces of Heart / Edna...
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Celtic Roots Radio 57 – 'Uisce beatha' or a pint a' 'double'

Raymond McCullough: Precious Oil Productions Ltd
...the Pipe', (Rip Van Finnegan)  Andina and Rich, (Wisconsin, USA) -  'Porchlight Blues', (Two Guitars, A Dulcimer and an Attitude)    Deborah Henriksson, (Vasteras, Sweden) -  'My Lagan Love', (The Heart's Cry)   ...
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Flux : Podwireless
...And Fennig's All-Stars: Donald Cameron's Polka, Griffens Reel, Scollays Reel from the CD The Hammered Dulcimer Rides Again (Front Hall) fRoots Radio can also be heard streamed live on Mixcloud. You...
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#18-12: All About the Women, Pt. 1

Sing Out! Radio Magazine
...Songs / Smithsonian Folkways Jean Ritchie / “Movin' On Down the River” / The Most Dulcimer / Green Hays Addie Graham / “Omie Wise” / Been A Long Time Traveling /...
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...Sort of Silver Bells / McCuskers Delight - Bill Spence and Fennigs All-Star String Band - The Hammered Dulcimer Strikes Again and Fennigmania 13 - Curtains of Old Joe’s House - Roy Bailey - Past Masters 14...
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