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...Female!!! (Marvel Comicsverse is so confusing) No, Seriously, What Is Up With This Bear? Jim Dyer is the grandson of CM Eddy, Horror and Sci Fi Author and long time friend...
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Geoff Dyer: White Sands

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Michael Silverblatt)
Flux : Bookworm
Paradoxically, Geoff Dyer begins his attempt to locate America by first traveling to Tahiti. There, he discovers that Gauguin’s...
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Superstar Adam Brand and rising artist Melanie Dyer talk about their new releases. Original air date: 19-2-2017
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Newton, Da Vinci, Nostradamus, Dyer and Ryder

rob@ifthereishellbelow.com (If There Is Hell Below)
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...So I'm gonna share with you the interview I did with Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer. Our entire group is still talking about how fantastic the trip was yesterday. I can't...
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...get this Awesome podcast featuring one tune and one song by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer. In a few days, you'll also get an interview with another song by this amazing...
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...Rae Gaiter joins Big Stu & MJ in the studio, while Caitlyn Shadbolt and Melanie Dyer phone in from their combined tour. Original Air Date: 14th September 2017
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Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer have inspired me with Celtic and folk music since their days on MP3.com when I...
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...MJ and we debut her first single, ahead of it's official release. Sydney artist Melanie Dyer tells us about herself and the Big Stu and MJ Commentate series returns with the...
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Bluesmoose 1452-23-2019

Blues Moose Radio
...City night - City Night – 2019 Gary Clark Jr. - Dirty Dishes Blues Leo Dyer – backlash - Leo Dyer - 2019 – Daddy Long Legs -theme from daddy long...
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The Ranking - Star Trek

The Empire Film Podcast
...Chris Hewitt, join together to definitively rank the Star Trek films in order. Join James Dyer, Helen O'Hara, Dan Jolin and that Hewitt eejit as they discuss the merits of the...
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Laser Time – lol Canada

lasertimeshow@gmail.com (Laser Time)
Flux : Laser Time
Special guest Mitch Dyer joins us for “eh” spirited discussion on how to Canada! DOWNLOAD
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...movie The Room, drop by for a chat about that with John Nugent. Then James Dyer talks to WWE legend-turned-actor, John Cena, about being strong like cartoon bull in new animated...
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...Easter with a special recipe for shoulder of lamb. Si brings out his best Danny Dyer as he goes from Geordie to Cockney and he is called upon to help a...
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