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wnycdigital@gmail.com (WNYC Studios)
Flux : Radiolab
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Deerhunter: “Element"

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW)
...up a flavorful mix of nostalgia but the band has since evolved. On the whirling “Element,” they turn to a bleak view of current day life.
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Flux : Sleep With Me
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Ep. 110: Professor Elemental

Nerds Domain Podcast
In this episode, Matt speaks with Professor Elemental about his chap-hop career, website, comics, and all the other things he loves. You can...
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...the LostMessiah. Naberus [Australia] [NU Thrash] - Hollow [2018] www.myspace.com/naberusband www.facebook.com/naberusband Caliban [Germany] [Metalcore] - Elements [2018] www.calibanmetal.com www.myspace.com/caliban www.facebook.com/calibanofficial Hollow Elements Playlist Monsterworks [NZ] - Kingdom Of Heathen Blacktooth [NZ]...
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SF3-030: The Elementals

Scifi Scifi Scifi
Eat the eyes! We review and discuss "The Elementals" by Michael McDowell.
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Resonance Works' second annual benefit event, ELEMENTS is an exploration of the elements of earth, fire, air, and water through music, visual art,...
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The four classical elements (earth, water, air, and fire) have made their way into many video games, role playing...
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Episode 383: Cheesemaking Elements: Affinage

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
In our third Cheesemaking Elements episode of the year, Elena visits Crown Finish Caves, Brooklyn-based Affineur, to focus on the...
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Episode 371: Cheesemaking Elements: Cultures

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
In our second episode of the 2019 Cheesemaking Elements series Elena dives deep into the world of cheese cultures. Culture expert Robert Aguilera explains...
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Release Date: May 2015 Running Time: 1:21:18 Guest: Camp Element Where to Find Them: www.campelement.com Where to Purchase their Music: Camp Element Store Camp Element...
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Episode 53 - The Fifth Element

Wham Bam Pow with Cameron Esposito
...as the studio head, and she's on the hunt for a movie with a romantic element. Plus, we serve up a review of The Fifth Element. Make sure you have your...
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...week I will be taking a close look at Luc Besson’s space opera, The Fifth Element. You can support SciFi Onscreen via Patreon HERE The post Episode 135 – The Fifth Element...
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...join Scott, Miles, and M from the SciFi Diner Podcast, and they rewatch the Fifth Element and share their favorite characters, scenes and delve deep into the facts and stories behind...
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