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...who blend Indian Ghazals with Welsh folk traditional music, brass-driven Afro-pop from the Washington DC-based band Elikeh, & more. 
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...Diabate - Prudence - Whiskey Barons Mix (World) Elena & Los Fulanos - Quizas Si (Latin/World) Elikeh - Adja (World/West African Traditional) Intro/Outro music by Fellowcraft (Hard Rock/Blues) ->Follow The Show's Spotify Playlist<-...
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Flux : Podiffycom
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631 - I Was Like. He Goes

631 - I Was Like. He Goes
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...Album Release Show @ Pearl Street Warehouse in SW at the Wharf Sat Jan 27 -Elikeh @ Gypsy Sally’s & Scott Thorn @ Gypsy Sally’s Vinyl Lounge in Georgetown Sun Jan...
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Gracey Friel – DHD The Living Room Sessions #02

Vik Vixon: DJ, Radio host, electronic music enthusiast, podcaster
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