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15080 PARMA Recordings - Exhaling Space

Classical Music Discoveries
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Book Club Aug -

Mutiny Transmissions
...some literature.   This month, Jen and Byron are joined by Brian Flynn to discuss 'Exhalation: Stories' by Ted Chiang.    New to Mutiny Book Club, check out past episodes and...
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Toadcast #63 - Sprrring is Here!

The Toadcast - the weekly podcast from Song, by Toad
...that episode of Northern Exposure when the ice melted?  Everyone went nuts, and the relieved exhalation we all express on the coming of the sunshine does remind me in many ways...
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...Embedded Within Cannabis Corpse - In Battle There Is No Pot Cannabis Corpse - Final Exhalation Cannabis Corpse - The Friends That Come To Steal The Weed Of The Dead Cannabis...
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...    Jill Grunenwald   https://twitter.com/Jill_Grun Professional Book Nerds Reading Behind Bars Books Mentioned -  Exhalation by Ted Chiang The Girl Who Slept with God by Val Brelinski Tacky Goblin by...
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Frannie Kelley on TLC's "CrazySexyCool"

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Flux : Heat Rocks
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