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Fan Films Go Pro

Eric Molinsky
Fan films allow filmmakers to tell stories set in the worlds of their favorite licensed characters, and...
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Tonight’s Menu: Miles was a part of a panel at Farpoint 2019 discussing the state of Fan Films along with a little bit of how -to mixed in. SciFi Diner Podcast 354 –...
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In this science fiction podcast, we talk Star Wars fan films . We also cover scifi news such as Kings being canceled, the Full Metal Panic...
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...podcast, we talk interview John Broughton from the Starship Farragut. We also explore Star Trek Fan Films such as Starship Exeter, Star Trek: Of God's of Men, Star Trek: Phase II, Star...
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56: Galaxy Quest

Super High Sci-Fi
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A vidcast dedicated to Trek Fan Films . I cover several of the biggest Trek fan film productions out there on the...
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An audio preview directing you to this week's vidcast on Trek Fan Films over at: http://www.vimeo.com/trekkie
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Listener emails first. I discuss the episode "Catspaw." A quick look at Star Trek Fan Films . Finally, I review the "Alien Tracker" from Master Replicas.
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