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The FDA was the first consumer protection agency in the US. Since 1906, it's been issuing regulations...
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Poison Squad: Founding of the FDA

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
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Episode 107: NRDC Challenges FDA Antibiotic Guidances

info@heritageradionetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
...down the news that drug companies have agreed to re-label antibiotics in compliance with recent FDA guidances on their usage in livestock agriculture. In a wide ranging discussion Kar covers the...
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...societies across the globe have used herbs as medicine. While this practice continues today, the FDA does not regulate these potent substances. Find out why the FDA can't regulate herbal supplements...
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FDA permits sales of genetic tests to the public

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Michael Wilkes)
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The FDA sent a letter this week to Juul, saying it illegally marketed its products as safer...
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...treatments and tests they’ve been using to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic; some FDA-approved and reasonably reliable, and some FDA-ignored and unreasonably unreliable. Carrie takes the entire course of...
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Rock N Roll Manifesto 251

rnrmanifesto@gmail.com (Greg Lonesome)
FDA approved, Grade A prime, non-GMO, organic rock and fucking roll.
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Episode 202: From the Farm to the Cheese Shop

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
...Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. “I think helping people understand the scope of the laws and FDA regulations, and working toegher with the FDA to make a good relationship happen, as the...
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Flux : Up First
An advisory panel will give the FDA its opinion on Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine. The Federal Reserve projects stronger economic growth next year....
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Flux : Up First
An FDA advisory committee voted in favor of granting emergency use authorization of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. Talks...
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Flux : Up First
The FDA will vote on whether to clear Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use. Two lawsuits question...
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Metaphysical Connecton News Of The Week November 3rd, 2018

Eric Renderking Fisk / The Fedora Chronicles Network
...Eric talk about The Fedora Chronicles Network and The Elections, Rage Makes You Stupid, The FDA and Monsanto Conspiracy, and follow-ups to past shows. http://metaphysicalpodcast.com/paranews-2018-11-01.html
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Flux : Up First
...cyberattack blamed on Russia is widening to include governments and corporations across the globe. The FDA greenlights Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine. New pandemic aid hits a last-minute roadblock in Congress.
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Flux : Up First
...general declines to prosecute officers who killed an unarmed black man last year. And, the FDA approves a major new drug to treat depression.
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