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'Avengers: Endgame' and Fond Farewells

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...Avengers, and more importantly, our beloved host Ricky Carmona. But don't worry, this is a fond farewell, with Ricky bringing that Bustelo-fueled Carmona Energy. Plus, the gang answers several calls from...
...souffrance des autres et guérir de leur propre maladie en soulageant celle d’autrui. L’Image au fond des yeux, relatée par un ophtalmologiste, nous donne un exemple émouvant de cette possibilité. L’Image...
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ces hommes de pouvoir, qui nous gouvernent, sont peut-être, au fond, moins remarquables que leur position ne le fait croire. Les peuples démocratiques se sentent tenus...
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Boys of Summer Series: Tony Hale

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This year’s first Boy of Summer and longtime JV pal Tony Hale ("Veep”) relives the fond and not-so-fond memories of his youth... but for goodness’ sake DO NOT ASK HIM ABOUT...
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So far my video game flashback episodes have been devoted to games I fondly remember from my childhood. For this episode I take a look at a game that...
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Episode 13: Anime

...Steve discuss anime. Although we don't watch as much of it anymore we both have fond memories of Japanese animation.
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...by cash for a latte or a newspaper nearly gone? Alice and Neil discuss Neil's fondness for loose change...
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...the esteemed author of The Career Toolkit, and professor at MIT, Mark Herschberg, also known fondly as “Hershey”.
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...along the director of The Hallow and horror obsessive Corin Hardy. Plus, we say a fond farewell to an Empire legend.
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