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Gracey Friel – DHD The Living Room Sessions #02

Vik Vixon: DJ, Radio host, electronic music enthusiast, podcaster
...our first guest in our living room. Join us on Monday from 5PM (IST) Gracey Friel is a talented young Dublin DJ taking the Dublin house scene by storm. Gracey has...
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Dan Friel - "Life Part 2" - Live on WFMU Dan Friel - "Lungs" - Live on...
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...Hilbert called the Mystery of Christmas. Also Ty gives a quick book review for Todd Friel's new book "Judge Not". Join us.
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...- "Calypso" - Live on WFMU's Imaginary Radio with Chris M: Oct 13, 2015 Dan Friel - "Intervention" - Live on Liz Berg's WFMU Show 10-13-15 Dead People's Records - "Bitte...
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Marathon Mode from Mar 9, 2017

Andy Ortmann and WFMU
Friel / Landry / Schmid - "Password (excerpt)" - Password Galen - "Detective" - The Heroin...
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...Musician & Fan 01:40:20 - PETER "BLEWZZMAN" LAURO - Fan & Reviewer 01:55:40 - JAKE FRIEL & NIC CLARK - NEOBA Blues Society 02:11:30 - UNITED BY MUSIC - NORTH AMERICA...
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...fill in for a band who could not make the Canton Blues Fest and Jake Friel, Fuad Farah, Noah Simionides and Keith Wilson made the most of their opportunity and wowed...
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Pour Another For Your Brother #431

Marc Gunn, Poisoned Dwarf, Hot Griselda, Saumas Gagne, Celtic Woman, Eamon Friel, Ciunas
...for a friend. Enjoy the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Kennedy's Kitchen, Poisoned Dwarf, Eamon Friel, Ciunas, Catherine Koehler, Alexander James Adams, A Campo Traviesa, Brother Sea, Kellswater Bridge, Seumas Gagne,...
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FolkCast 081 - December 2012

Flux : FolkCast
...Open Doors by The Portraits Bartonsham Meadows by Sproatly Smith Cygnus The Swan by Eamon Friel Babba presents The Story Behind The Song: Innocents Song by Show Of Hands The January...
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MHFS 262

Mike Harding
...Manus McGuire – The Copperplate Set 05 A Stór A Stór A Ghrá – The Friel Sisters – Before The Sun 06 Divided We Will Fall – Seth Lakeman – The...
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...Moray 15 - White Dress - Frances Black 16 - Five Nights Drunk - Sara Grey 17 - You and the Bottle - Desi Friel 18 - When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease - Roy Harper
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FolkCast 101 - October 2014

Flux : FolkCast
...by Reg Meuross from the album "England Green & England Grey" Phone Tapping by Eamon Friel from the EP "Phone Tapping" The Woolgather by Ange Hardy from the album "The Lament...
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MHFS 261

Mike Harding
...1940 11 Three Cries – Mishaped Pearls – Shivelight 12 Kelvin's Purling Stream – The Friel Sisters – Before The Sun 13 Cannonball Blues – Jody Kruskal – Train On The...
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FolkCast 116 - March 2016

Flux : FolkCast
...by Jimmy Lee Morris from the album "Wilderness Wood" (2016) Brave New World by Eamon Friel from the album "In My Time" George by Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar from the...
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