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Flux : Nerdette
...his novel and new HBO show The Leftovers, why his nickname in high school was Frodo and what he learned from a summer working as a garbage collector. Plus a nerd...
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Flux : Viewing Party
...Fellowship of the Ring. In this episode we call in Katie's cousin Kate — the Frodo to her Samwise — to bask in the the glorious awkwardness of their love for...
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Elijah Wood

Maltin on Movies
...live audience) at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. You’ll hear how he was cast as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, how he recorded the voice of Mumble in...
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...Chrome, Being Human, Season 3 of Dollhouse, Game of Thrones, Hobbit News: Gandalf, Gollum, and Frodo are back, Ultramarines, Top Movies Fans are looking forward to, Voyager 1 Enters Interstellar Space,...
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...my buddy Brett Blozynski!  Together we are going to assail the lands of Mordor like Frodo and Samwise (guess which one I am).  So grab the One Ring and a flagon...
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Flux : StarShipSofa
...Elizabeth Bear Originally published on Tor.com Elizabeth Bear was born on the same day as Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, but in a different year. She is the Hugo, Sturgeon, Locus, and...
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September 22 is Hobbit Day! It's the day Bilbo Baggins and Frodo celebrated their birthday at the beginning of Fellowship of the Rings. You can celebrate the...
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True Story Behind Drinking With Hobbits for Hobbit Day #230

Marc Gunn, Hobbit Day, Lord of the Rings
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A2G157 - Wonderful System For Doing the Garlic

AXE TO GRIND PODCAST & Sound Talent Media
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What Are You Doing While Listening to Celtic Music #432

Marc Gunn, Songs for Ceilidh, Kellswater Bridge, Tartanic, Bellow Bridge, Jil Chambless, Molly's Revenge
...What an amazing day it was conjuring up the feeling that, at any moment, Sam, Frodo or Bilbo might emerge to challenge all of us interlopers in The Shire. While that...
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