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How Gamers Cope

+7 Intelligence | Ches Hall | Gaming Enthusiast
...looking to games to get through hard times, as well as a professional, helping other gamers - Problem-focused coping - what it means that gamers favor this approach to handling their...
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Wonderful! 64: 100% Gamer Energy (Griffin McElroy)
Flux : Wonderful!
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...the cesspool," and why this is the best of all possible times to be a gamer...among many other topics.  I hope you enjoy.
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Welcome to a special Ninja Edition of the Brainy Gamer podcast!  In this edition I talk with Nels Anderson and Chris Dahlen, Lead Designer and Narrative Designer of...
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The Brainy Gamer podcast is back! In this edition I talk with Stephen Totilo, editor-in-chief of Kotaku, one of the...
Cover.medium square,%20medium.1558458385 in games. I'm joined by guests Dan Bruno (Harmonix, Cruise Elroy) and Kirk Hamilton (Gamer Melodico, Joystiq), two excellent game writers who are also talented musicians. We each play a...
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...Tribe in which I talk to a variety of people about the big events that bring gamers together throughout the year: GDC, PAX, E3, , Comic-Con, Gameloop, Games Learning and Society...the list...
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After a Shakespeare-induced hiatus, the Brainy Gamer podcast is back! This edition of the show features two interesting conversations. In the first...
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...other topics - including an exciting conference announcement - in this edition of the Brainy Gamer podcast. Note: If you're unfamiliar with Train, I highly recommend reading Ian Bogost's thoughtful account...
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