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Refugees in Germany

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Michael Wilkes)
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Video - Wilco - Impossible Germany

Will's Band of the Week
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An Election in Germany

The Lawfare Podcast
Over the weekend, Germany held elections to see who will succeed Angela Merkel as Germany's chancellor. The results are...
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Germany 1-2 France réactions

Le podcast UEFA.com du football européen
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Mini-Special: WordCup Germany 2006

quaipau@gmail.com (Paul Alvarez Loeblich)
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Germany v Portugal: The QI Elves in association with www.visitengland.com bring you the fifth episode of...
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In this softly spoken ASMR podcast, Wanda talks about her recent trip to Germany and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She went over to attend her grandson’s wedding and travelled...
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Flux : SpyCast
...from 1955 to 1989 the Stasi uncovered more than 1300 foreign spies operating in East Germany. Join SPY Historian Mark Stout as he discusses Stasi counterespionage with Professor Paul Maddrell who...
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Flux : Notes on Bach
...She joins us to discuss her research into sacred and secular musical life in Baroque Germany and helps us understand Bach's place in the complex social hierarchies that ordered early modern...
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