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Flux : StarShipSofa
...Genre History by Amy H. Sturgis Main Fiction: “Stone to Stone, Blood to Blood” by Gwendolyn Clare Originally published in Asimov’s. Gwendolyn Clare resides in North Carolina, where she tends a...
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Flux : StarShipSofa
Main Fiction: What Nightmares Are You Living by Gwendolyn N Nix This story is original to StarShip Sofa. Raised in the wilds of countless...
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Ep. 40: Pianjo Music

The Carolina Shout - Ragtime and Jazz Piano with Ethan Uslan
...all-time: "The Banjo" by Louis Moreau Gottschalk. Finally, Ethan reads a poem about Gottschalk by Gwendolyn Brooks and talks about the musical exploitation of enslaved African-Americans. 
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Heratius Corporation - "Roso bonbon du chateau" - Gwendolyne Pod Blotz - "In Between Worlds" - Light Mass Body Rudolf Eb.er - "Hexenerscheinung" -...
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...Austin joins Christy and Mike for a look back at the time Casper (Luke) and Gwendolyn (Vanessa) had their cover blown while scoping out their future home undercover. Emily also gives...
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Longtown Sound 1722 Weekend!

uncleshag@gmail.com (Uncleshag)
Flux : WLSO.FM
...Barthe, The Platters, The Blues Overdrive, Kathy Mattea, Smokey and Alexa, Woody Windham, Elvis Presley, Gwendolyn Collins, Allen Stone, Julian Taylor Band, Russ Vesci and Jim Armstrong. *** Weekend Playlist ***...
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Longtown Sound 1717 Cupid’s Bow

uncleshag@gmail.com (Uncleshag)
Flux : WLSO.FM
Longtown Sound 1717 Cupid’s Bow Featuring Allen Stone, Stacy Barthe, Julian Taylor Band, Gwendolyn Collins, The Honeycutters, Jeffrey Gaines, Steve Earle, Heather Maloney, Moonlight Social, Taylor Leonhardt, Penny &...
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Longtown Sound 1724 Weekend Power Hour!

uncleshag@gmail.com (Uncleshag)
Flux : WLSO.FM
...The Honeycutters, Smokey and Alexa, Ross Lynch, Woody Windham, Buddy Holly, Andy Palmer, Katie Herzig, Gwendolyn Collins, Allen Stone, Adia & The 7 Eyes, Barneys Boogie Train, Heather Maloney, Jon Pardi,...
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...- The Littlest Birds Dolly Parton - Little Sparrow Jil Caplan - Un Charmant Squelette Gwendolyn & The Goodtime Gang - Sunny Day Hosted by Emmett Davenport and Lady AttercopTheme music by...
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Flux : Notes on Bach
...journal The Diapason.   Other organ resources, including videos of historic organs that John selected for us:  Gwendolyn Toth plays Scheidemann on the 1457 organ at Rysum   Visit to the oldest organ...
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Rainy Day in the Celtic Nations #357

Marc Gunn, Gwendolyn Snowdon, Lunasa, Breabach, IONA, Colleen Raney, The High Kings
...nothing like dancing in the rain with awesome Celtic music from Dun Aengus, Na Rosai, Gwendolyn Snowdown, Breabach, Lunasa, Spirited Lads, Ginger Ackley, Moonrakers, IONA, Jim Sharkey, Colleen Raney, The High...
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...broke down on stage, became a Buddhist cult leader, and inadvertently gave birth to the Gwendolyn Molson Quartet. Leslie Molson tells the story and many more besides, including how she cured...
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MHFS 262

Mike Harding
...The Man Down – Fisherman’s Friends – Sole Mates 08 Little Duke Arthur’s Nurse – Gwendolyn Snowdon – Three Strand Braid 09 Collier (The Enemy Within) –  Jed Grimes – Black Snow/The...
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MHFS 261

Mike Harding
...Jody Kruskal – Train On The Island 14 I Wish I Was In England – Gwendolyn Snowden – Three Strand Braid 15 Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith – Poacher’s Fate –...
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Lakes of Pontchartrain #376

Marc Gunn, Daimh, Whiskey Bay Rovers, IONA, Sora, Lexington Field
...Holloway, Jed Marum, Moonrakers, Whiskey Bay Rovers, IONA, Celtic Reggae Revolution, Sora, Sliotar, Lexington Field, Gwendolyn Snowdon. http://celticmusicpodcast.com/ Do me a favor share this podcast. Subscribe to the Celtic Music Magazine. This...
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