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Hail Satan?

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Flux : Film Reviews
The title is “ Hail Satan ?”—but with a question mark at the end and it may look like a mockumentary,...
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361. Penny Lane, director of Hail Satan?

David Barr Kirtley and John Joseph Adams
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...""Betrayed", Harley Hatcher "Satan", Satan's Sadists trailer, Venom "Black Flame of Satan", Rosemary's Baby- " Hail Satan !", Danzig "Satan's Crucifixion", Kiss of the Damned theme, Devil's Angels trailer, Dave Allen &...
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...Two (excerpt)" - Tibetan Buddhism Trip Pain Teens - "A Knife" - Pain Teens Cosmonauts Hail Satan - "Satan, Yuri and You, Part 1" - Satan, Yuri and You Small Cruel Party...
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...Stein and his Ghouls - "Bat and Cat" - Monster Sounds and Dance Music Cosmonauts Hail Satan - "Hellraiser" - Hellraiser Strangulated Beatoffs - "Earth to Satan" - Days of Our Lives...
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...the Sardine" - Flawed Existence Auto Da Fe - "Past Times" - Spectre of... Cosmonauts Hail Satan - "Pittsburgh Voodoo Satellite" - Mortuary Sorcery Rancid Hell Spawn - "Chainsaw Masochist" - Chainsaw...
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Flux : Vinland Radio
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...My Deadly Friend”, Necrophagia “Coffins”, Dead Cross “Bela Lugosi's Dead”, Siouxsie & The Banshees “Spellbound”, Hail Satan !, Gun Club “Ghost on the Highway”, Fur Bible “Plunder the Tombs”, Black Tusk “Ghosts...
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...- "Unknown" - Mix Ape Vol.1 V/A [Tapes/tape pieces found in Olneyville/Providence streets 199?-2004] Cosmonauts Hail Satan - "Skulls Altars and Shit" - Cape Cannibal Skull Island Apocalypse John Bender - "Before...
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...Witch soundtrack Chris & Cosey - "Tears of Blood" - V/A Elephant Table Album Cosmonauts Hail Satan - "Pittsburgh Voodoo Satellite" - Mortuary Sorcery Revenge - "Banner Degradation" - Scum.Collapse.Eradication Black Witchery...
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Brutum Fulmen - "Pickle Mutation" - Flesh of the Moon Cosmonauts Hail Satan - "Stacey Keach" - Bizarre And Tortuous Rituals Of The Primitive World ‎ Jeremiah Fisher...
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