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King Herod wasn't the world's worst ruler. Yet seventy years after his death his tomb was desecrated...
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Robert Brubaker talks to WQED-FM's Anna Singer about his role as King Herod in Pittsburgh Opera's production of "Salome."
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Flux : Titre inconnu
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...Sea form the lowest dry spot on Earth. It's been visited by millions, including King Herod and Cleopatra, all seeking the health benefits of this saline lake. Learn about this unusual...
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...Davies Show, 4/19/2017 Captive Portal - "Mister Really Loves You" - Throwing - EP Elvis Herod - "Eggs! Toast! Gas! Fish!" - Mood Music For The Apocalypse Eddie 135 and The...
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...Have Done 4.The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown,Fire! (Demo) 5.Casual Nausea,Benefits Benefit No One 6.Galen Herod,Lowdown 7.Chewed Up,Advice 8.Pile,The World Is Your Motel 9.Acanthus,Le Frisson Des Vampires 10.Gay Anniversary,Fat Punks 11.The...
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...Lobo Loco - "Sleeping Guru" - World Around Simon Mathewson - "Beach" - Loops Elvis Herod - "A Fire At The Raffle" - Solipsism Mystery Mammal - "Eutrophic" - Risk Society...
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Elvis Herod - "Frogs Having a Bath" - Welcome To The Past Boris Morozoff - "Feel the...
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Hello? Denver? August 18

Mutiny Transmissions
...conversations about the Mile High City that matter.  I'm honored to be joined by Representative Leslie Herod of Colorado House District 8 and sponsor of the Caring4Denver 2018 Ballot Initiative and Lisa Raville, Executive Director of...
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Flux : Woman's Hour
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...chēēZ π - "Under The Influence" - The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein [CC BY-NC-SA] Elvis Herod - "Eggs! Toast! Gas! Fish!" - Mood Music For The Apocalypse [CC BY-NC-ND] luc électrique...
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...- ShiHo [CC BY-NC-SA] The Fat - "Ghetto 70" - Meat Me [CC BY-NC-ND] Elvis Herod - "Pinball" - Welcome To The Past [CC BY-NC-SA] Peter Gresser - "Skipping In The...
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