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What is Homeopathy, Exactly?

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Flux : The Gist
Our resident debunker of nonsense, Maria Konnikova, returns to take on the billion-dollar homeopathy industry. Why aren’t homeopathic remedies regulated in the United States? And what can their dubious...
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Sawbones: The Father of Homeopathy

sawbones@maximumfun.org (Justin McElroy)
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...wisdom tooth removal, tells Carrie how he treated his pain and “enhanced” his “wellness” with homeopathy and Peggy Huddleston’s pre-surgical autohypnosis tapes. Then he helps Carrie prepare for her tonsillectomy, using...
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...recent tonsil removal, tells Ross how she treated her pain and “enhanced” her “wellness” with homeopathy and Peggy Huddleston’s pre-surgical autohypnosis tapes. Plus she explains the bizarre and somewhat rare experience...
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A plight in Tunisia: the president passes

A plight in Tunisia: the president passes
...surging around the world, as are ways to pamper pets. Who owns whom here? And, homeopathy gets diluted as France removes its state subsidy for the pseudoscience. Our GDPR privacy policy...
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...and Carrie return for day two of the online class for treating COVID-19 (symptoms) with homeopathy. They learn that germ theory has been debunked, the cure for COVID has been revealed...
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...online class that will teach them “how to manage COVID-19 related symptoms at home with homeopathy.” Led by certified homeopath Rena Sassi, the group learns about the surprising way disease penetrates...
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...and strategic campaigns, including their recent lawsuit against retail giants CVS and Walmart for selling homeopathy as medicine. Nick tells us why stores should care more about separating medicine from unproven...
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...enhance and complement her extensive naturopathic medicine education, Dr. Cates has received further training in homeopathy, environmental medicine, and craniosacral therapy.  In addition to the entire homeopathic training at the National...
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