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Flux : The Feast
This week we’re discovering the meal that changed the face of American Judaism. Featuring Dr. Jonathan Sarna of Brandeis University, we’ll learn how a lavish banquet in 1883...
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Joe Mande

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
...and Jew. What? He's Jewish. Why bring that up? Well, Pete and Joe talk about Judaism. That's why. See? Even the description is weird. Imagine what it's like inside... That's right,...
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...of the Great Flood float around in nearly every human culture, and Christianity, Islam and Judaism share the overarching plot points of a man, a flood, and animals marching two by...
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Episode 178: Happy Holidays with Rabbi Daniel Bronstein

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
...of the holidays plus a lot of other stuff too. Have a burning query about Judaism? Chances are, your questions (and prayers!) are answered on this show!
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...do with it, but they really get into their shared childhood experiences, their attitudes about Judaism that have changed over the years, and a consensus pick for who is the world’s...
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Flux : Notes on Bach
...Oxford University Press), the evolving nature of Bach studies, the relationship between early Lutheranism and Judaism, and the tricky (but intellectually necessary) process of attempting to interpret Bach's music relative to...
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#257: Trevor Noah

A Waste Of Time with ItsTheReal
...mouth washed out with soap by nuns at his Catholic school, his mother's conversion to Judaism and his subsequent Bar Mitzvah, his waning interest in playing sports due to competition, DJing...
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14157 PARMA Recordings - Coro del Mundo

Classical Music Discoveries
...a healthy Jewish democracy in which the spiritual civil rights of all Jews are protected; Judaism is expressed and celebrated freely and equally by men and women and in its myriad...
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Klezmer Podcast 132- Amos Hoffman and Yale Strom

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Klezmer Podcast 87- Yaeko Miranda Elmeleh

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Klezmer Podcast 76- Yiddish Princess

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Klezmer Podcast 88- Mostly Kosher

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Klezmer Podcast 75- Joel Rubin

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