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Flux : Guitar Nerds
...Jay's trip to DiPinto guitars in Philadelphia, Rombo Picks, One Control effects, and the new Klons on the market.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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...this 60 Cycle Hum minisode Ryan and Steve compare the Chellee Effects Ponyboy against the Klon KTR. The Ponyboy is a Klon-styled pedal at a very affordable price from the guys...
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The Klon Centaur is probably one of the most cloned pedal with the Tube Screamer. Today we...
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...a proper burial. In Episode 114 Ryan and Steve unveil the newest entry into the Klon-style pedal market...at least if all it took to be in that market is putting your...
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58 - 25% Slower

...about a nifty pedalboard idea. The guys talk about their new YouTube video featuring the Klon KTR and the EHX Soul Food before Steve delves into what he knows and doesn't...
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Fighting Deep Fakes

The Lawfare Institute
...phenomenon, called "deep fakes," poses significant problems for lawyers, policymakers, and technologists. On July 19, Klon Kitchen, senior fellow for technology and national security at the Heritage Foundation, moderated a panel...
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...an AC30. Mixed reviews and reactions.  Blake had a phone conversation with Bill Finnegan of Klon Centaur fame. Mr. Finnegan has an interesting story about one of the best rigs he...
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...the "future classics" and dig into what current pieces of gear will be the Dumbles, Klons and JCM800s of 2046. This week's music was sent by Rob Nordvik and is called...
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Emily Wolfe

Blake Wyland & Sound Talent Media
Episode 131: – Aliens, Fulltone OCDs, Klon KTRs, music, addiction and more. I really went all over the map with Emily and...
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...of things. This week Steve's got a bunch of new stuff, having finally ended the Klon KTR saga and buying an Ibanez Roadstar II. Oh yeah, we recorded this on Ryan's...
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Gil Parris - GSP #136

Guitar Speak Podcast
...fantastic Reverend signature models - with hints about a yet to be released update, original Klons and Tube Screamers, re-working classic tunes, developing teaching resources, the love of the jam and...
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