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Flux : Gravy
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MY FRIEND PETER "Kraut In The Kitchen" In Between Burger Records, 2018 TAPE OUT NOW: http://burgerrecords.11spot.com/my-friend-peter-in-between.html
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Episode 37: Talkin ’bout kraut with Michaela Hayes

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
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...Alone - Far Away F-Minus - Fables Bonecrusher - Freedom Pt. 2 Anti-Flag - Federation Kraut - Flossing With An E String The Jetts - Fresh Out of Love B-Soul Allstars...
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...Yet quite a few are. Hope you'll enjoy listening to the noise for the in kraut. And watch out for volume II... 1 / Fingers Lee And The Upper Hand ....
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Episode 181: Wild for Wild Fermentation with the King of Kraut, Sandor Katz

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
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Noise for the In-Kraut III: "Prisoners of the Beat" 1 / Joy And The Hit Kids . I'm still...
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Gazebo! We review and discuss "Dungeon Born" by Dakota Kraut.
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...Se Venga De Su" Gwilly Edmondez - "Rugged Programmin" (and) Fritz Guckenheimer and his Sour Kraut Band - "Jagermarsch" (with) Fritz Guckenheimer and his Sour Kraut Band - "Second Hungarian Rhapsody"...
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Episode 219: Proton Rock

Searching For A Thread
Early electronic sounds in 1960s psych, kraut rock, avant-garde and punk.
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Episode 266: Killin' The Vibe

Searching For A Thread
Just vibin' at home, pulling records as I see fit. Stringing together psych, kraut, some xian folk and more oddballs.
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Episode 225: Kitchens and Catchup

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
...trip to the pacific northwest to talk to Julia O'Brien of Firefly Kitchens, about carrot krauts, kimchi for all, and the importance of salt. Plus, fermentation adventures at home! Fuhmentaboudit is...
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Episode 214: Pickle in the Middle with Master Food Preserver Christina Ward

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
...Dehydration. We delve into different pickling approaches, chat about lacto poop, and learn what a kraut hammer is. Fuhmentaboudit is powered by Simplecast
...Sylvain aux manettes ce dimanche, beaucoup de Detroit au programme, et chose plus surprenante, du kraut rock. Et le début d'un nouvel album classique, Ziggy Stardust, qui nous tiendra compagnie quelques...
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