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...TED speakers explore that spectrum of need, from primal to profound. Guests include psychologist Margie Lachman, neuroscientist Russell Foster, computer security expert Bruce Schneier, journalist Sebastian Junger, activist Caroline Casey, and...
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Women Talk Sci Fi - Episode 25 - Dichen The Doll Talks Dollhouse

admin@womentalkscifi.com ( Gerri & Eugenia)
...show they discuss is Dollhouse and the Adelaide girl is self confessed Geek Girl, Dichen Lachman who plays Sierra, one of the Actives or Dolls who have their mind wiped taking...
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...-- they just weren't the people Tolkien had expected. Wheaton College professor Michael Drout, Gary Lachman ("Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties and the Dark Side of Aquarius") and Ethan...
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...alien, the trail leads to an alien fight club run by Roulette (guest star Dichen Lachman), the ringmaster who commands aliens to fight in mortal combat for the entertainment of rich...
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...finest place to have a drink on New Years Eve.  The Alien Brothel. Dollhouse’s Dichen Lachman is a new character on SyFy’s Being Human. Kickstarter Project fully funded for Lachman’s  film,...
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...relationship with Maggie and too complacent in watching out for her sister. Guest Stars include Dichen Lachman (Veronica Sinclair/Roulette), James Urbaniak (Maaldorian Doctor), Harley Quinn Smith (Izzy Williams), Ian Gomez (Snapper Carr),...
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Randy Bachman

Rock Solid
Flux : Rock Solid
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9-17-12 -- Cat Power and Bob Mould

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