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The panel chats about why they love Lady Bird , the coming-of-age film written and directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Saoirse Ronan.
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Lady Bird

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Flux : Film Reviews
Once you've seen Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird — even while you're watching it, with a grin stuck on your face — you...
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Lady Bird Johnson

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Flux : Shmanners
Hello Internet! This week we are doing a biography of LADY BIRD JOHNSON! Enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!
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Flux : Encore!
From the Oscar-nominated coming of age films "Call Me By Your Name" and " Lady Bird " to the re-release of Alfred Hitchcock’s "The Birds", film critic Lisa Nesselson talks to...
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Will 'Lady Bird' snatch a surprise win at the Oscars?

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...47:04 Tiny: The Shape of Water (2017) - 53:42 Matt: Blockers (2018) - 1:06:07 Tiny: Lady Bird (2017) - 1:12:54  Lightning Round - 1:18:58 Matt: The Last Time You Had Fun (2014)...
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Greta Gerwig was nominated for an Oscar for directing 2017's Lady Bird . She's following it up with an adaptation of Little Women that features two of...
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Adam talks with American actor, writer and director Greta Gerwig about her directorial debut ‘ Lady Bird ’ and some of her film influences. CONTAINS MILD 'LADY BIRD' SPOILERS ( I don't...
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Flux : Do Go On
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Like the protagonist of her new film Lady Bird , Greta Gerwig grew up in Sacramento, spent the summer going to the state fair,...
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...and Kayley Harris for a chat about the latest movies hitting theatres. Tonight: Black Panther and Lady Bird .
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For the Birds

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Flux : Radiolab
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Oscar nominee Laurie Metcalf: 'I have a camera phobia'

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Actress Laurie Metcalf talks about her Oscar-nominated performance in “ Lady Bird ,” the return of “Roseanne” and why she still hesitates to take TV and movie...
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Birds Are Assholes

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