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Bill Callahan: “Camels”

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...accomplished album, following some time away (he got married and had a child). Investigate his lilting lattice guitar work, signature wit and an unhurried melody on "Camels."
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...of TRAIN! Happy happy, Busy Busy!" - Arden's dream is to get a reduction and a lilt, wear a deep V 1970's Halston Jumpsuit and throw an ashtray at a wall! -...
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...pretty, catchy music. The group's not-so-secret weapon is Monica Martin, who sings with a smoky lilt in front of spare, tasteful instrumentation. You can hear that warm, accessible sound on Phox's...
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Flux : Planet Money
...new single from California's wild card ensemble Foxygen; "How Can You Really" floats on a lilting beat and sneaks in an understated chorus that will be lodged in your head for...
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Get Jiggy #437

Marc Gunn, Celtic Woman, Lilt, Jim Sharkey, willos', Poitin, Jiggernaut, Jiggy
...Smith Scotland on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast Celtic Woman, Tartanic, Westwood Bluegrass Band, Lilt, Jim Sharkey, willos', Jigger, Poitin, Kilted Kings, Dustin Cooper, Eamonn Flynn, Jiggernaut, Callanach, The Wild...
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Road to Lisdoonvarna #425

Marc Gunn, Brobdingnagian Bards, Rising Gael, Daimh, Echoelake, Dylan Walshe, Lilt
...Matt Lewis, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Echoelake, Daimh, A Campo Traviesa, Dylan Walshe, Crepuscule, Greenwich Meantime, Lilt I hope you enjoyed this week's show. If you did, please share the show with...
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...clear and his debut record followed in the same year. His grimy, gritty vocal that lilts and drawls from one lyric to another makes listening to "I'm Just An Old Chunk...
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St Stephen's Green #469

Marc Gunn, Lilt, Anna Bosnick, Erin Ruth, iThonga, Dylan Walshe, Lisa Schettner
...St Stephen's Green for some great Celtic music on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Lilt, Anna Bosnick, The Rowan Tree, A Campo Traviesa, Lisa Schettner, Captain John Stout, Brad Reid,...
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...Dwight and (the overarching influence for this reviewer) George Jones to create an unmistakably country lilt, which, when applied to these thirteen original tracks is one of the freshest takes on...
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...his Soliloquies and Dreams. DREAMS LAID DOWN tenderly beckons for the listener’s attention with the lilting strains of classical guitar. Showcasing Rinehart’s inspired musical gifts, the gentle performance warmly invites audiences...
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...Cheese "Giant" by Mogue Doylefrom God's Own "The Rose of Tralee" by Claire Rochefrom The Lilt of the Banshee "Kylenagranagh" by Willie McCullochfrom Auld Tales & New "No Songs Left to...
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Jig to a Milestone - Celtic Music Spotlight

Marc Gunn, Jig to a Milestone
...breakneck speed, Jason's fingers of fire take flight on his handy tin whistle. His rich, lilting baritone fills the air with the purest tone that will make you believe you’re kissing...
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...by Brobdingnagian Bardsfrom Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales "Alien Probes" by Sudden Deathfrom Fatal Accident Zone "The Lilting Banshee" by Franco Bordonifrom Urgente "Wednesday Mourn" by Trinity River Whalersfrom Dancin' Beggarman "Monahan's Mudder's...
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Give Love #474

Marc Gunn, Lilt, Altan, The Tannahill Weavers, The Rogues, Eileen Ivers, Poisoned Dwarf, Gerry O'Beirne, The Jig Is Up
Give your love to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast community. Lilt, Altan, The Tannahill Weavers, The Rogues, Kyle Gryphon, Eileen Ivers, McKasson & McDonald, Poisoned Dwarf,...
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St. Patrick's Day Songs for Kids #198

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
...From Marc Gunn's new Celtic CD, St. Patrick's Day Songs for Kids 26:11"I'll Tell My Ma" 27:38"Irish Lilting" 31:00"Red-Haired Boy Lilting" 32:40"Happily Ever After" 35:19"Gypsy Rover" 38;16"Rising of the Moon" 40:08"The Sick Note"...
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