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John Luther Adams

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Flux : Radiolab
...Jad started to compose music for our live show Apocalyptical, he immediately thought of John Luther Adams. Adams' symphony “Become Ocean,” rooted in the sounds of nature, is elemental, tectonic, and...
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John Luther Adams: Playlist

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Movement One: Frank Zappa as Gateway Drug 0:19—John Luther Adams (JLA): Qilyuan  Listen | Buy1:50—JLA: In the White Silence  Listen | Buy3:21—Frank Zappa: Peaches En Regalia  Listen | Buy4:31—Edgard Varèse: Integrales  Listen...
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Luther Russell Medium Cool Burger Records (2019) TAPE OUT NOW http://burgerrecords.11spot.com
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Flux : Human's Show.
Soul! Luther Live at the Chicago Blues Festival. 1995. Soul Fixin Man Cherry Red Wine Move From...
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On this Luther Dickinson Interview, moving to Mississippi and how it changed his life, when to be critical...
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Flux : Dad Rock
...on our Dad Rock Road Trip, we had the great pleasure to happen upon a Luther Dickinson concert in Asheville, N.C. And Luther, an acclaimed roots musician best known for his...
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LUTHER RUSSELL "Got Me On My Knees" Selective Memories: An Anthology 2xCS OUT 11/10/17 ON BURGER!!!...
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Did you know John Luther Adams moved to New York City? Adams says that, while he and his wife "may...
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What being American meant to Martin Luther King

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Flux : To the Point
This was the week the nation observed the birthday and celebrated the achievements of Martin Luther King. But, despite what he accomplished, King himself felt unfulfilled up to the time he...
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John Luther Adams made all of the wrong career decisions. He got kicked out of multiple high schools, went...
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...showcasing their musical chops. Today's Top Tune is very proud to offer a re-imagining of Luther Vandross' 1986 classic "So Amazing."
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John Luther Adams didn't start as a composer of vast, powerful swaths of sound. In fact, as...
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With Become Desert, composer John Luther Adams is done "Become"-ing (learn why in this episode). First, there was the Pulitzer- and...
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