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Matt Damon

Chris Hardwick
Matt Damon chats with Chris about his process of writing, how his life changed after they sold...
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Matt Damon 's continuing presence and popularity in American films can be summed up in four words:...
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...interview front this week, you get two short and sweet, and slightly spoilery, chats with Matt Damon , star of Stillwater, and Felicity Jones, star of The Last Letter From Your Lover,...
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...the great Russell Crowe about accents, Gladiator 2 and more. Then Amon gives Air stars Matt Damon and Marlon Wayans the big old Nike tick of approval in another fun chat. And...
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...the burn! Quizlet Korner has a whole new set of rules as we talk about Matt Damon is everyone's savior, male body dysmorphia, and poisonous vagina. All on this weeks episode of...
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Osterlind holds the 90's Rock Ban Olympics! Who takes the Bronze, Silver, and Gold? Matt Damon gets bitches at by his daughter for saying a no-no word. Tom Brady throws a...
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...this week, Robert Winfree and Mark Radulich present their "The Martian" review. "The Martian" stars Matt Damon who plays an astronaut that, after a disaster, gets stuck on Mars. This is also...
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Pete Holmes

Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme
...chat with Pete about taboo words, Batman, "Her", Auditions, Pun Dumpsters, Robin Williams, Stand Up, Matt Damon , Patrick Swayze, impressions, podcasting and a lot of Leprechaun Talk...  a... lot... of... Leprechaun...
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...we discuss big new from the DC movie camp, another new Star Wars director plus Matt Damon 's return to the Bourne franchise. Plus we discuss (begrudgingly) discuss every Transformers film! Hosted...
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65 Meet Lenny Abrahamson, director of ROOM

Leonard Maltin & Jessie Maltin
...of Laurel & Hardy, and one of his favorite sleepers, Margaret (2011) with Anna Paquin, Matt Damon , and Mark Ruffalo.
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RED; Hereafter

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Joe Morgenstern)
...but this is the underlying notion of RED, and it works like a well-worm charm... Matt Damon is a spiritualist in spite of himself in Hereafter. He's one of three people in...
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...Fraser in unearthed, Tom Cruise is Irish, Johnny Carson says farewell, JLo has had enough, Matt Damon ’s a horse, Ally McBeal and House call it quits, Felicity graduates, and reality television...
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A Rougneck In the Rough

webmaster@kcrw.org (KCRW, Joe Morgenstern)
Matt Damon is an Oklahoma oil-patch worker who travels to France to help his daughter, imprisoned in...
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