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Donald Trump says he's never even heard of Brett McGurk, but that's what he says whenever he feels jilted. On today's episode of Deep State Radio,...
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...events with former Trump Special Envoy and advisor to President's Obama, Bush and Clinton, Brett McGurk, former Commanding General of U.S. Army Europe Mark Hertling and Vice President for the Third...
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Episode 497 - Sean Canan 2

Rock Paper Podcast
...The Mighty Pines & Falling Fences at Off Broadway Every Sunday catch Falling Fences at McGurks! Find more dates on the Voodoo Players Facebook page!! Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play...
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...That Civilization Existed:  http://goo.gl/e49hK Invisibilia: McDonald's in Russia:  http://goo.gl/nBrjpd 99% Invisible: Devil's Rope:  http://goo.gl/VTbc2K The McGurk Effect:  https://goo.gl/T47EGZ The Atlantic: Can Your Language Influence Your Spending, Eating and Smoking Habits:  http://goo.gl/R9oI0m...
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...predictions (Overcast link) (via Cameron Deardorff) ARM Macs and Touch macOS 11.1 is in Beta McGurk effect Explainer Video Text-based TikTok (via Erik Berlin) Casey’s weird discovery Casey got new watches...
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...Barney McGee from the banks of the Lee,There was Hogan from County Tyrone.There was Johnny McGurk who was scared stiff of workAnd a chap from West Meade called Mallone.There was Slugger...
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L'Inaudible de Walter
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...américains ont bloqué le convoi d’évacuation pendant plusieurs jours en menaçant de le bombarder et l’envoyé américain McGurk fulminait : 7h20 – 30 août 2017 – Brett McGurk @brett_mcgurk   « Les terroristes #EI irréconciliables devraient...
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...de presse du Secrétaire à la Défense Mattis, du général Dunford et de l’envoyé spécial McGurk sur la campagne pour vaincre ISIS : Ma première pensée après avoir lu a été : « Ces...
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