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Medieval Musicales

Broadway to Main Street
MEDIEVAL MUSICALES Forsooth! We're having a Middle Ages crisis on our program, verily, with songs from...
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Rosenvolk German Medieval Festival

Renaissance Festival Podcast
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Christmas Day medieval carols

songsofhope@southernfm.com.au (Songs of Hope)
Listen again to our podcast of three medieval carols from Christmas Day Songs of Hope 2014. Carols include: Methinks I see A virgin...
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Roundtable at Medieval Faire 2017

Renaissance Festival Podcast
...So Mohegan by Bailiu Ceoil aka The Unpronounceable Irish Band from Live Recording at the Medieval Fair of Norman 2017 Beginning of Patreon only Section: To hear the extended version with...
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...of the Spanish Inquisition, HowStuffWorks' history experts take a look at the disturbing world of medieval torture devices. Check out this podcast to learn more about torture and more Stuff You...
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Medieval Fair of Norman OK (257g)

Renaissance Festival Podcast
...Bilge Pumps from Idiodyssey The Gun Shanty by Bilge Pumps from Bail … Continue reading "Medieval Fair of Norman OK (257g)"
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Flux : Savor
Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, a medieval-themed dinner theater chain, has been hosting feasts and tournaments...
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Flux : TechStuff
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Episode 307: Treasures of Medieval Egyptian Cooking

info@HeritageRadioNetwork.org (Heritage Radio Network)
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Flux : The Feast
...a crucial part of the Arthurian legends. Learn how feasting was a critical component of medieval European hospitality with origins in some of the earliest known English literature. From Beowulf to King...
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