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Metal Church Metal Church For Daniel Lee
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Flux : Talk Toomey
...Well actually this is his first time on the podcast, but he is back in Metal Church . Mike and I break down where he has been. He talks about how he...
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Flux : Talk Toomey
Metal Church is back and Kurdt joins the podcast to talk about the new album, Mike Howe...
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...“Don’t Talk to Strangers” Manowar – “Gloves of Metal” Queensryche – “Queen of the Reich” Metal Church – “Metal Church” Jag Panzer – “Harder than Steel“ To connect or learn more about...
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Flux : Titre inconnu
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...of music were talking about. This week we will play trax from: The Oman / Metal Church / Hawkwind / This Lizzy and a few more. So let's get rockin' This show...
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Flux : Rock Bottom
...- Thundersteel Warlock - All We Are Girlschool - Bomber Helloween - Rise and Fall Metal Church - Metal Church NOK NOVUM - Haga Doesn't Marta (background track)
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Flux : Talking Metal
Michael Alago shares stories about Metallica, Metal Church , the Dead Boys, Ether, Bill Aucion and more in our first interview. Then we...
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2018 #43

Noize In The Attic
new Metal Church , Joe Perry, Stephen Pearcy and more!
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2017 #41

Noize In The Attic
Hellfire Helloweenie Roast with Metal Church , Krokus, King Diamond, Leatherwolf and more!
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2019 #7

Noize In The Attic
new Tora Tora, Metal Church and Tesla plus Maiden, MSG, Queen and more!
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...Gate, Iron Maiden, Joel Hoekstra's 13, Jorn Lande & Trond Holter, Leaves' Eyes, Metal Allegiance, Metal Church , Michael Monroe, Reckless Love, Scorpions, Soilwork, Sonata Arctica, Stone Sour, U.D.O., Vanden Plas, Vexillum,...
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...A Playlist conta com as seguintes bandas por ordem de apresentação: Bombus, Stormland, Redwest, Borknagar, Metal Church , Prong, Accuser, Exumer, Accept, The Gentle Storm, Soulfly, Absolution Denied, Skeletonwitch, Ragnarok, Sarke, Crematory,...
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Flux : Vinland Radio
...- Fallen 9 Body Count - Colors 10 Burning Witches - Wings of Steel 11 Metal Church - Dead on the Vine 12 Lizzy Borden - (This Ain't)The Summer Of Love Reel...
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