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Today’s comic book review podcast includes: Ms. Marvel #38, The Batman Who Laughs #3, Criminal #2, Wonder Twins #1, Savage Sword of Conan...
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...Holmes, Stephen Thompson, Glen Weldon, and Petra Mayer discuss the acclaimed Marvel comic book series Ms. Marvel . Then, it's time for another round of the regrettable television pop quiz. All that,...
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Flux : Nerdette
G. Willow Wilson writes Marvel’s Ms. Marvel comic. She tells us how a comic about an American Muslim teenager with superpowers came...
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...2: We’re Excited Thor Vs Loki commercial Marvel to develop 4 Series for Netflix New Ms. Marvel Poll: Sci Fi Thanksgiving Tonight’s guest is the amazing artist Rob Taylor, who we met...
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G. Willow Wilson and Greg Pak

Comic Book Commentary
G. Willow Wilson (co-creator of Ms. Marvel ) and Greg Pak (Superman/Batman; “World War Hulk” and “Doomed” storylines) join co-hosts Ben Blacker...
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Flux : NolaNerdCast
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...AMERICA AUTHORIZES WRITERS STRIKE  Indiana Jones 5 Star Wars Episode 9 Bree Larson as Captain Marvel Ms. Marvel Squirrel Girl Ghost in the Shell Bladerunner Dune Enjoy The Chaos! http://www.scifisaturdaynight.com/podcast/talkcast348.mp3 Download | Open...
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Flux : NolaNerdCast
...  Detective Comics #935: 21m07s/   Flash #1: 23m54s/   Wonder Woman #1: 25m10s/   Ms. Marvel #8: 27m35s/   Totally Awesome Hulk #7: 30m10s/
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42 – A Firestar Is Born

Jay Edidin & Miles Stokes
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...up with the wonderfully diverse Secret Warriors. We discuss characters like Squirrel Girl, Kamala Khan/ Ms. Marvel , America Chavez, and…uh…“Kevin”, and uncover why this lesser-known franchise is making great strides for...
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152 – Ghosts of Future Present

Jay Edidin & Miles Stokes
...#5 Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 Franklin Richards Several statuses quo The reproductive potential of Doombots Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura) Ahab A Code Red Time Emergency One of Jay's dream pitches Your sad...
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I, Tonya

Pop Rocket
Flux : Pop Rocket
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