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The music business is constantly evolving. Streaming dominates. Markets are truly global. The way people promote & monetize...
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...Patreon Monthly Income: $1061 is up from $1050 16:05 - The Morbid Irony of the Music Business Thanks as always for supporting my music. Remember. You can help me create and release...
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Discontinued CDs in the Modern Music Business

Marc Gunn, Modern Music Business
...them. It's all part of a big restructuring I am making to reflect the modern music business . A couple weeks back, I posted a blog called "Patronage in the 21st-Century". The...
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Flux : Planet Money
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“Trust Me, I’m in the Music Business ” - Ep. 216 Which duo traded barbs at each other in songs on their...
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...the differences between indie and major labels, and the importance of building relationships in the music business . Highlights: Loren is honest, passionate and hard working Loren shares his concerns that many...
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