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THE ELOQUENT SAXOPHONE David Tanner, saxophone Marc Widner, piano Navona Records is proud to announce the re-release of David Tanner's 1988 album THE ELOQUENT SAXOPHONE....
Medium 739b470e06ec25b5b2e1af6f6526932385f34663
...not only delves into complexities in tone, color, and texture in his eponymous album on Navona Records — beyond these, he considers the deeper questions of music’s spiritual purpose.
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Navona Records proudly presents MUSIC FOR WOODWINDS from composer Scott Pender, his fourth appearance on the...
Medium 3977ece43f733e44a0bb66ab079b4ab238e4e630
...choir The Crossing brings to life the striking works of six contemporary composers in this Navona Records release, with performances that are unique and awe-inspiring. Purchase CD at: http://www.classicalsavings.com/store/p948/Evolutionary_Spirits_%28CD%29.html Download at:...
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13360 PARMA Recordings - Tomorrow's Air

Classical Music Discoveries
Navona Records is proud to present TOMORROW’S AIR, a collection of contemporary music for large ensemble,...
Medium 40757c26c46f84769abf90458f59c31b48533b39
...SKY with choral works elevating the texts of 20th-century intellect Robert Lax in this compelling Navona Records album. Purchase CD at: http://www.classicalsavings.com/store/p954/The_Arc_in_the_Sky_%28CD%29.html Download at: http://www.classicalsavings.com/store/p955/The_Arc_in_the_Sky_%28digital_download%29.html
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Navona Records presents ANCESTRAL VOICES, the Apollo Chamber Players’ next installment in their 20x2020 project. 20x2020...
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15168 PARMA Recordings - Direct Contact

Classical Music Discoveries
...delighted to announce the release of DIRECT CONTACT by renowned pianist Roberta Rust. In this Navona Records release, Rust pays homage to eight composers whom she has had the opportunity to...
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TRIPTYCH REVELATION, composer Sergio Cervetti’s seventh album with Navona, presents works from across four decades of his extensive career. Though a fair bit of...
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On their Navona debut AGE OF INDULGENCE, early music ensemble Les Délices presents an exquisite compendium of unique...
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16001 PARMA Recordings Musical Images

Classical Music Discoveries
...composer proves that an academic background is not a prerequisite for musical excellence. His latest Navona Records release brims with quality and care, guiding listeners on a gracefully tonal yet intricate...
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...NYC-based Sirius Quartet deftly navigates the peaks and valleys of PLAYING ON THE EDGE, a Navona Records release featuring the genius of five contemporary composers. Experience the risk-taking verve of each...
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15176 PARMA Recordings - Falling Pieces

Classical Music Discoveries
...relic from a time when one had to make music to hear some. Daniel Ott's Navona Records debut FALLING PIECES aims to do away with this preconception in two piano duets...
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15198 PARMA Recordings - Windswept

Classical Music Discoveries
This broadcast may be heard on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/ex5oIDj7Nlk The title of Navona Records’ WINDSWEPT refers to more than just the wind quintet whose sounds make up the...
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15194 PARMA Recordings - Patterns

Classical Music Discoveries
...motifs and musical patterns that weave through each piece and connect instruments within a composition. Navona Records and seven contemporary composers invite the listener to embark on the audial journey that...
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