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Ned Gill (2)

Big Pop Fun with Tom Wilson
Improviser from the times of the dinosaur, Ned talks about the infamous Kinison fight, the dark clouds that followed, and his gig on...
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Ned McGowan, composer

Voice of the Arts
Pittsburgh-born Ned McGowan talks his background as a composer and flutist living in Amsterdam, and about "Radiance,"...
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Flux : Do Go On
Jess has a look at the life of Australia's original bad boy, Ned Kelly. What made him such a legend in Australian history? Find out by listening to...
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Ned Gill, Historic Improviser

Big Pop Fun with Tom Wilson
Ned Gill was an early student at the inception of improv as a contemporary American art...
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The Island of Ned

eministries@insightforliving.ca (Insight for Living Canada)
...class has been given the honour of making it something to go on permanent display. Ned knows just the thing and sets off to create his masterpiece. But his pride and...
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Ned Evett has been hailed by USA Today as "the master of the fretless glass-necked guitar,"...
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Episode 14: Ned Steinberger

Electric Violin Shop
Ned Steinberger, inventor of the headless Steinberger basses and guitars that became quite famous in the...
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While Ned Kelly may be the most famous bushranger, he's certainly not the only one. Join Deblina...
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...Harris and Nick Bennett on The Daily Drive about the way we remember figures like Ned Kelly and whether it's an accurate reflection.
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Ned of the Hill #387

Marc Gunn, Ballinloch, Syncopaths, Dram & Go, Tami Curtis, The Whiskey Boys, Van Morrison
...Rogue Folk 13:56 "Wee Michael's" by Dram & Go from Heads, Tails, and Heart 21:21 "Ned of the Hill" by Catherine Koehler from Shan-a-Key 24:35 CELTIC FEEDBACK 26:29 "The Raggle Taggle Gypsy"...
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In 2011, previous hosts Sarah and Deblina talked about Ned Kelly, Australia's most famous bushranger. He became an outlaw in 1878, and his gang successfully...
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While Ned Kelly may be the most famous bushranger, he's certainly not the only one. Join previous...
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