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  We go to Canada to the Island of Newfoundland Labrador...Flavor Living Radio is back for a New Season..of Food Trends.. Stay tune weekly for...
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In this episode, we talk with one of Newfoundland’s most famous comedians, and get slobbery with their most famous export - the Newfoundland dog....
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Cellist Ofra Harnoy talks about the love for her new home in Newfoundland and how it inspired her album "On The Rock."
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Katie Hanlon-Wadman, Newfoundland Labrador Rose

info@irishradio.ca (Austin Comerton)
My name is Katie Hanlon-Wadman, I am 19 years old, and I live in Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
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Flux : The Feast
...in the season finale of the Feast for a discussion with Lori McCarthy of Cod Sounds in Newfoundland. From salt cod to goose tongue, she takes us through a culinary cornucopia of the...
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Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente offers a half-assed apology to Newfoundland and also still has a job for some reason. Minister Maryam Monsef is being questioned over...
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...Massimo Bottura’s campaign against wasted food, a festive cocktail recommendation and berry picking on the Newfoundland island of Fogo.
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...to sing songs and share stories about thousands of airline passengers who were stranded in Newfoundland after 9/11.
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...to sing songs and share stories about thousands of airline passengers who were stranded in Newfoundland after 9/11.
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...the arrival of Europeans into the North American world from about 1500 to 1630. From Newfoundland to New France, Carolina to New Netherland, and finally New England.
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Flux : 9to5 (dot cc)
...the craziest comedy origin story of anyone in Canada. First of all he is from Newfoundland, which I guess isn’t that crazy (CODCO certainly has some comedic pedigree and also brought us...
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Celtic Roots Radio 47 – Sowin' wi' a fiddle!

Raymond McCullough: Precious Oil Productions Ltd
Hosted by Raymond McCullough, in Belfast, Northern Ireland:   with music from: Siochana, (Newfoundland, Canada) -  'Leaving of Liverpool/Cock of the North', (On Our Own)  Matthew Fagan, (Victoria, Australia) - ...
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Braven - Filmed in Canada Ep.80

filmedincanada@gmail.com (www.filmedincanada.net)
...but hardly anyone is listening. Jason Momoa stars as a lethally capable logger in the Newfoundland-shot thriller. Download this episode here. (50 MB) Find more information about the films we discussed...
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