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Flux : Do Go On
And the Nobel Prize for best podcast about The Nobel Prize and its founder Alfred Nobel goes... to...
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Flux : Planet Money
Why do smart people make dumb decisions? Figuring that out won Richard Thaler a Nobel Prize.
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Flux : Planet Money
What happens when a creativity guru meets the winner of this year's Nobel Memorial Prize in economics? You get life lessons in making art, and negotiating contracts.
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Each year, the Ig Nobel Prize is awarded to researchers for unusual -- and generally humorous -- contributions to science....
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Flux : Planet Money
Bill Nordhaus just won the economics Nobel. In this show: He shows how history of light is the history of economic growth...
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Dylancast: Bob Dylan Wins the Nobel Prize!

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Flux : Popcast
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Flux : Guitar Nerds
This week The Guitar Nerds Podcast is sponsored by Shergold Guitars, Ernie Ball, Nobels Effects and Reverend Guitars  Shergold Guitars: Celebrated by Total Guitar Magazine as “one of the...
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...Justice is ordering Myanmar to protect the Rohingya from genocide, but no one knows if Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi will heed the call. (Transcript here.) Learn more...
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This episode feels like it has been a long time coming, frankly. Nobel Laureates include some of the best of us - and, as we discover today, some...
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Flux : MinutePhysics
What was the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics given for? Capturing a single photon of light!
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Flux : Dad Rock
Ep. 87: Bob Dylan, a noble and Nobel man by USA TODAY
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Big Band Serenade presents Ray Nobel and His Orchestra 1933-1937. Most vocals are Al Bowlly  The music in this program is...
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Flux : Encore!
American poet and essayist Louise Glück is this year's winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. We take a look at the author's signature themes of family, mythology and...
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...going to require big ideas and bold execution from the next president of the United States. Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz offers some of those ideas and thoughts on how a Biden...
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Marc Abrahams talks about the Ig Nobel prizes and "improbable research." Tomaš Dvořák - "Game Boy Tune" "Mark's intro" "Interview with Marc...
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