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djhenry612@gmail.com (DJ Danny)
Flux : Mixcloud
...out of control. THE SHOW GOES LIKE THIS: 001-THE HUMPERS-Hey Shadow 002-THE A-JAES-I’m Leaving You 003-NOMOS 571-Stupedfaction 004-GLORIA IRVING-I Need A Man 005-BOB WILLIAMS-My Goose Is Cooked 006-THE ALLUSIONS-Gypsy Woman 007-HIPSHAKES-Shot...
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Nothing But The Blues #89

Nothing But The Blues
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Flux : The Gist
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...review No landscape home screens on XR/XS Max What did we order? John is clairvoyant Nomos Minimatik Testing HomePod's multiple named timers Overcast 5 Under the Radar #141: Implementing Search Post-show...
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...round-up AvantGo Gboard (App Store link) Due The Law of Leaky Abstractions BestPhotos California dial Nomos Club Campus Panerai Radiomir California #askatp: What do we listen to when we code? (via...
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...Timex $200–700: Seiko Citizen Eco Drive Hamilton Khaki Field $700–1,500: Dressy: Seiko Presage Longines Cool: Nomos Junghans Max Bill Utilitarian: Sinn Damasko Micro-brands: Halios Farer Oak and Oscar Worn & Wound...
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NU ROCKS #190 Como Viene 2013!

NU ROCKS · Rock’n’Roll Maniacs
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