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Tonight we listen to select cuts from the 1997 CD release of the Blues Notions called This Is It!!!!  It features Tom Trashmouth Baker on Harmonica and vocals, David the...
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Tonights show is from either 1988, or 1989.  It is Oliver Riley and the Blues Notions from Kansas City.  This was a legendary Band that was originaly led by Oliver Riley....
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...jam at the Roxy Bar and Grill in suburban Kansas City.  It stars the Blue Notions with Tom Trashmouth Baker on lead Vocals, Jammers include Big Bob Schnebelen, and John Paul...
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What is freedom really? Ajahn Brahmali contrasts modern societal notions of freedom with a Buddhist conception of freedom.
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When she set out to reimagine a colonial artefact Lisa Reihana challenged the notion that Indigenous people were extras in someone else's film.
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Episode 115 | "Hit Maka!"

Joe Budden, Rory, & Mal
Special edition episode this week ... whatever preconceived notions you had about the artist formally known as Yung Berg will likely change after this...
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JR JR: Clean Up

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Detroit duo JR JR, formerly known as Dale Earnhardt JR JR, tackles the notion of over-consumption on its song Clean Up.
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...Desk, Josh Ritter had America on his mind. "We all have to fight against this notion that we're not all human beings."
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...Desk, Josh Ritter had America on his mind. "We all have to fight against this notion that we're not all human beings."
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...discuss the way Prince changed music, supported other artists, defied creative constraints and challenged the notion of what it means for a pop singer to rebel.
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...from Blooming Minds and she joins Nick and Kayley to talk about the age old notion of the crazies coming out with a full moon.
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Banning pokies

The Daily Drive
...he joins Nick and Sam to talk about the dangers of pokies gambling and the notion Tasmania has to ban pokies.
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...and time, or honor. Today on the show, professor Hobbs and I discuss these ancient notions of masculinity in detail as well why the philosopher Plato felt uneasy about them. We...
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Tuesday 29 May

Monocle 24
...suppress transport strikes? We also explore Angela Merkel’s concerns about international co-operation and why the notion of citizenship is under the spotlight at the Venice Architecture Biennale. Plus: why are Japan’s...
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